Thursday, October 18, 2012


Hello guys, yep it's me, Booker T.  Sorry I have been missing in action lately, but see, I have been preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse.  Last spring, around May, the farm was attacked by zombies.  I know it sounds surreal, but it happened.  The family and I had finished watching "The Walking Dead" when a storm occurred.  I had just watched poor Hershel's farm be compromised and no sooner did I process that then I myself was under attack.  A loud noise cracked and all the lights went out.  I know the zombies were close, but I immediately jumped in bed with the folks until all was safe again.  Since Walking Dead started again last week, Dad assured me my farm was fine.  He reminded me I have lots of animals on my farm which can help with the vigilant protection. The stags are ready to stab any undead creature with their antlers, and the lions are ready to pounce.  The farm will remain strong if it is the last thing I do.  I am also getting less scared of storms now that I know how safe I really am.  Hopefully soon I will post some pics of my farm characters. 

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