Monday, August 25, 2014

New Release!!!!

TITLE:  Slimy Underbelly
AUTHOR: Kevin J. Anderson
PUBLISHER:  Kensington Books
RELEASE DATE:  August 26, 2014

FROM GOODREADS: There’s something fishy going on in the Unnatural Quarter. Bodies are floating face-down, the plumbing is backing up, and something smells rotten—even to a zombie detective like Dan Shamble. Diving into the slimy underbelly of a diabolical plot, Dan comes face-to-tentacles with an amphibious villain named Ah’Chulhu (to which the usual response is “Gesundheit!”). With his snap-happy gang of gator-guys—former pets flushed down the toilet—Ah’Chulhu wreaks havoc beneath the streets. While feuding weather wizards kick up storms and a gang of thieving lawn gnomes continues their reign of terror, Dan Shamble is running out of time—before the whole stinking city goes down the drain…

MY THOUGHTS: This book comes out tomorrow and I am so glad I obtained an early copy. I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. The Dan Shambles series is one I always try to remain pretty current on. They are such fun, mindless read - and I mean mindless in a good way. Anderson has created a wonderful world in the Undead Quarter. Each new book is filled with more excited supernatural creatures. Every installment in the series pretty much has a large mystery for Detective Dan to solve, along with some others that either tie in or are indirectly related.

Dan is a well functioning, well maintained zombie. His PI agency consists of a human attorney partner, and a ghostly secretary who is also his girlfriend. These books are high on adventure and low on romance. They are also full of really tacky, really bad puns, which are extremely enjoyable in this context. As mentioned, it is part of a series of 3 other books and 2 novellas, but you could probably read it as a stand-alone and do OK. Anderson does a pretty good job on filling the reader in on the important history without overkilling it.

I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys mystery books with a lot of paranormal, sci-fi elements. This book would make a great translation to graphic novels. The writing and description is so colorful and pulls the ready in to this strange, albeit fun, world. I am already looking forward to the next installment!


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