Friday, November 11, 2016

Friday Reads (11/11/16)

So as I predicted last week, November is just flying by.  I don't know where the time goes.  I do know that I'm still adjusting the the time change from daylight savings time and it hasn't necessarily been easy.  Hubby has been sick most of the week with respiratory stuff and we are getting a new dining room table and chairs delivered today so in the evenings, I've been preparing/cleaning that room.  It was a gift to each other for our upcoming anniversary in a few weeks.

I haven't really watched any good movies this week.  We still have a few episodes of Longmire on Netflix to catch so we've watched them here and there.  I managed to finish 3 books in the past week which has helped me catch up some on the reviews.  Here's what's currently up on the stack:

The Budweiser Clydesdale Horses are coming to a neighboring town for a Veteran's Day Parade so tomorrow, my Mom and I are headed to the local county farm, where they are keeping them. so see them and hopefully get some great up close pics and interactions.  Maybe I'll have something else to show next week.  I've always been in awe by these lovely creatures.

So that's about it.  The pups are fine and as spoiled as ever.  So what are your plans for this coming week?


  1. Oh dear I hope Mr Barb feels better soon. Respiratory issues are horrible. Glad the furry dudes are doing ok though. I got my cleaning for the week done so the only plan for my weekend is reading, a film, maybe a few episodes of GoT! I'm ahead of schedule this month and will be doing a mid month update shortly!

  2. The Budweiser Clydesdale Horses are so beautiful, I hope you get to see them up close!

  3. So much happening for you this week. I hope your hubbie feels better soon. I've had a chance to meet the Clydesdale's before. You will be in awe of their beauty and majesty!

  4. Enjoy the Clydesdales. They actually reside in my town! The grounds they live upon are gorgeous and Budweiser allows teens to take their graduation pictures there as well as hosts the local humane society's biggest event of the year. It's a beautiful place.

  5. PS Enjoy your anniversary and your new gift to each other!