Monday, November 9, 2020

Dog Lovers Beware!


TITLE: Dog People
AUTHOR: Jennifer Weiner
PUBLISHER: Washington Square
PUBLISHING DATE: October 12, 2020


The #1 New York Times bestselling author of Big Summer masterfully combines Stephen King with Donna Tartt, plus a twist of Shirley Jackson, in this timely tale of a man, his new partner, and his old dog. 
When he was a boy, it was just him and his mother, and when he was an adult, it was just him, alone. Michael Corcoran thought it would always be that way. 
Then he’d met Tina, who didn’t know that he’d never had friends, or what kinds of “experiments” he liked to do in his lab in the garage as a boy. Instead of being alone, Michael had a wife, and children and, eventually, a dog. 
Michael had promised himself he wasn’t going to be one of those people who pushed their dogs in carriages and called them “fur babies.” “Just wait,” Tina said—and soon enough, Lady was enjoying premium kibble and wearing a tiny Eagles jersey, plus special booties for the snow. He and Tina even developed a voice for Lady, a routine: a low, gruff, cigarettes-and whiskey tone that went with the tragic backstory they gave her. 
Then Tina found a lump in her breast. And then she was gone. And then small, determined Suzanne Nelson dropped by Michael’s newly empty apartment with some homemade lasagna and never left. The transition would’ve gone smoothly if not for Lady—and the lisping, babyish falsetto Suzanne used when she “talked” as the dog. 
Michael asked her to stop. And Suzanne did her best. But some things people can’t change, no matter how they try, like how they sound, and who they love—and who they are, in the wee small hours, when it’s dark and no one’s watching.  

MY THOUGHTS: I found this book when browsing on Overdrive late one night.  When I saw it was coming soon, I jumped on the wait list.  Now let me tell you that the synopsis is much too long.  When the book arrived I anticipated a full-length novel.  Well it wasn't.  It's only 26 pages.  And by the time I was finished, even that was more than I needed.

So at first I thought Michael was a child sociopath.  Then I started to think maybe he was misunderstood.  Nope, go with your first impression Barb!  The author may have briefly fooled me but I'm here to tell you "Don't be fooled!"

The book was well written.  I just didn't like the ending.  It could have easily been a 4-star read if it wasn't for that last sentence.  What is it with books disappointing me at the end?  Yes, I'm looking at you He Started It.  

So I can't recommend this book.  However, if my review has made you curious, it's a very quick read.  And hey, I could use someone to discuss this with me.  




  1. The fact that you didn't even mention a dog in your review says a lot. Thanks for the heads up, one less book for the TBR😁

  2. I hate when authors ruin things at the end! Have I said that before? Because I feel like I've said that before. ;D

  3. I detest a poor ending whatever the length of the book! I hope they didn't kill the poor dog at the end!

  4. I hate books that kill the entire story with an ending. 😛