Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Random Things Tours - Hit and Run


TITLE: Hit and Run
AUTHOR: Maria Frankland
PUBLISHER: Autonomy Press

FROM GOODREADS: When secrets and lies are the cogs that keep a family turning

Fiona Matherson is a recovering alcoholic. Fighting to keep her life on track, her world is blown apart by some dreadful news one sunny June afternoon.

Fiona’s insular life becomes lonelier as she gets to know her husband more after his death than when he was alive.

Who can she believe? And who will believe her?

A story that shows the darkness which exists within families, and the damage that people can do to each other.

MY THOUGHTS: This book grabbed me from the beginning and didn't let go.  As mentioned, Fiona is a recovering alcoholic whose life is turned upside down by her husband's unexpected death.  She is immediately one of the prime suspects and as she learns more and more about her husband, she starts to question their life together. 

There are some truly unlikable characters in this novel which instead of hating, made my reading experience that much more enjoyable.  Frankland really knows how to weave a tale and she had me guessing something different as the book progressed.  While quite a character-driven, the book has a steady pace.  I enjoyed learning everyone's backstory and loved that the author didn't hesitate to create some really flawed individuals. 

If you like domestic thrillers and dysfunctional family dynamics, look no further!  Hit and Run is the book for you!


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Maria Frankland's life began at 40 when she escaped an unhappy marriage and began making a living from her own writing and becoming a teacher of creative writing.

The rich tapestry of life with all its turbulent times has enabled her to pour experience, angst and lessons learned into the writing of her novels and poetry.

She recognises that the darkest places can exist within family relationships and this is reflected in the domestic thrillers she writes.

She is a 'born 'n' bred' Yorkshirewoman, a mother of two and has recently found her own 'happy ever after' after marrying again.

Still in her forties, she is now going to dedicate the rest of her working life to writing books and inspiring other writers to also achieve their dreams too!


  1. Huge thanks for the blog tour support x

  2. Domestic thrillers aren't my favorite, but I'm glad you enjoyed this one. :D