Thursday, February 24, 2022

TBR Jar Of Horror #2 - The Streeter


So Stormi and I kind of fell out of sync with this last year but we both still have some horror books lingering in our jar.  So we've started it up once again and hopefully it will become a regular feature at least every 2 months or so.  Just to remind you, we are both reading and reviewing different books with this feature and they are always older releases or some lesser known book we might have stumbled upon on Kindle Unlimited or so. So read on to see what I dug off the shelf this month and then hop over to Stormi's to find out what she read.

TITLE: The Streeter
AUTHOR: Scott Ian Barry
PUBLISHING DATE: February 1, 1994
PAGES: 288

FROM GOODREADS: Around Amsterdam Starpark, people are dying. Packs of dogs lope through the concealing mists--dogs who have lost their last fear of man. They have been driven to the brink of insanity by chemical waste . . . driven to hunt and kill . . . and eat.

MY THOUGHTS: Trigger warning - dogs dies in this book.  But there is also hope and a really really strong dog advocate and some bad people die too so in my twisted mind, it's all good.  

This book opens with a young on her bike going home one evening when she runs across 5 dogs who proceed to chase her to a local amusement park.  It's obvious there's something wrong with these dogs and the carnage starts pretty early.  The amusement park manager, Adam, is known for rescuing dogs off the street and giving them a better life - some even provide security for the park.  Adam becomes concerned with this new pack and the havoc they are causing and since he has little trust that the local officials can handle the situation, he starts tracking the pack as well.  As the book progresses, the reader learns why the dogs are acting this way, and also runs across an individual who clearly thinks she is better than everyone else and wants ALL dogs destroyed.  She was definitely on my hit list. 

I really did enjoy this book. It was the right length for a quick read and despite the subject matter and my dog sensitivity, the book really didn't upset me a lot.  I think it's because the author focused a lot on rehabilitation and the role humans play in animal behavior and it didn't feature dogs being bad because they dogs.  It took place around an amusement park which added to the atmosphere and although there was a time I am sure I had a question mark over my head because of an editing error here or there, 
they didn't detract much from the book.  

If you are looking for a fun retro horror read, maybe you can get your hands on this book and give it a try!



  1. I would probably read this too. I honestly don't mind when a dog dies, as long as it makes sense with the story, and overall dog storyline isn't horrible. Awesome review, Barb!

  2. Glad you liked it, I am curious about it.

  3. That amusement part setting is always a draw for me.

  4. Ooooh! I love the idea of a horror jar! I need to do that soon. Once I finally get caught up on my review queue maybe! :) Great idea!