Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Top 10 Tuesday - Things I'd Ask the Wish Genie For

This top 10 weekly meme is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish and can be found HERE.  Each week they focus on lists which cover various topics related to books and reading. This week's topic is wishes I would like the wish genie to grant.

1.  Genie, please grant me.....my own bookstore.  I have always wanted to own a cozy little bookstore downtown where people could come in and browse and buy as they please.  I would have comfy chairs and couches set up and free coffee for patrons.  Also, it would HAVE to be pet friendly.

2.  Genie, please grant me....27 hour days.  That way I could devote the extra 3 hours strictly to reading.  That's a whole extra 21 hours a week!

3.  Genie, please grant me....the ability to write a best-seller.  I would love to be able to write for a living and then my husband and I could stay home with our kids (aka pups).

4.  Genie, please grant me... the ability to  have all my ARC approvals which I really, really want to be approved.

5.  Genie, please grant me...a library which automatically has every book I want available when I want it - no more reserves.

6.  Genie, please grant me...A large room totally quipped to house all my books and be my own personal reading retreat.

7.  Genie, please grant me....all 5 of my reading buddies (boxer boys) together at one time as puppies.  I miss Cicero, Barkley and Cooper so much!

That's really all I could come up with this week.  What did you wish for????


  1. The first one sounds amazing! I also need more time to read! And more shelves! Great list!

  2. Some good choices! I totally didn't think about adding all my requests and future requests to be approved...or to finish my book and make it a best seller...sigh.

  3. Oooh, I like #5. This would save me so much money--because if the library doesn't have it, I just buy it!

  4. More hours in a day just for reading would be perfect :o)

  5. Omg I want a bookshop too now!! I kind of have this dream of having a bookstore and a cafe in one...and serving all the drinks in like bookworm mugs and having nerdy food for sale (like food mentioned in books!!) and IT WOULD BE EPIC. I can't believe I forgot to add that onto my list! :P And omg all the ARC approvals that I'm desperate for? Dreeeeaming. :') I would love that so much.

  6. Oh, I love #1! I've always secretly wanted to own a bookstore - as long as it made enough to stay solvent and pay my salary (and that of several helpers, of course.) I did work in and manage bookstores for about 5 years after college, but it's not the same as having full control.

    Your last one made me a little sad... my reading buddies (when they can be persuaded to join me without actually sitting on the book) have always been cats. But I miss Chaucer and Henry... and it's been 35 years since Henry's death.

  7. All good requests! I especially like the 27 hours in a day request! :)

  8. Those are great wishes! I especially like the 27 hour day wish - 3 hours a day devoted solely to reading would be awesome! I would also wish for one of those cute "She Sheds" that I could decorate all cute and hang out there and read.

  9. I think owning a bookstore is definitely the bookish nerds dream - the genie would have to make a lot of them! Great wishes :)