Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A Blog Hi-Jack

Hello there!  It's me.  Cassius G. the pup (T always uses his middle name so why can't I?  It's actually Cassius Grey for those of you out there wondering).  I am getting a tad sick of T. hogging all the glory so while he is napping, I wanted to let you guys know about the other pup at the farm.

First of I am, all grown up.  I turn 2 later this week and plan on having a glorious party.  I am sure Mom is planning something, but I can't figure out who this Glen character is and why she hopes to find out if he is dead or if he was actually eaten by zombies on MY birthday.

Also, I have started a new hobby - bird watching.  I have loved birds since I was a baby and Mom bought me this chirping bird stuffy.  Of course, she and Dad tried hiding it from me, saying it was bothersome at times, but I always found it.  I love birds and sooooo wish I could fly (in fact I try jumping and leaping off the furniture but it never works right).  So finally I managed to convince the folks to get me a bird feeder.   Let me tell you, the little guys can eat.  I worry about them being outside alone and when I hear them chirping up a storm, I run to the backdoor and whine until someone lets me out to check on them.  I know there are some dangerous felines in the neighborhood who like to frequent OUR yard.

Well, I hear T. moving around so I better jump off here before he finds out what I did.  He will be so mad, but he can just get over it.  It is my birthday week after all!  Until later guys!