Friday, January 25, 2019

The Hate U Give Reading Update #2

So this week Maria from A Night's Dream of Books and I read chapters 8-14 and the drama is definitely picking up.  I'm enjoying the book quite a bit but because I'm reading other things, I have to admit that I'm finding it easy to pick up and put down.  Once again Maria sent me some questions so continue reading if you don't mind spoilers and then hop over to her blog and see what I asked her. 

1.) How did you feel when April Ofrah, from the organization "Just Us For Justice", announced, at Khalil's funeral, that "the police department has no intentions of arresting the officer who murdered this young man?"

I can honestly say that wasn't really surprised because since I have a legal background and I'm aware most cases like this goes before a grand jury.  And if you look at the news, that's usually how it goes.  I guess I was kind of appalled that "Just Us for Justice" announced their presence at the funeral.  I kind of felt like that was inappropriate altogether but maybe it was just me.   No matter how wrong the situation, it did kind of make something sacred out to be a media circus.

2.) Starr's parents have an ongoing argument about whether or not their family should stay in Garden Heights. Which parent do you think is right, and why? Or do you think they each have a point?

So this one is kind of hard for me to answer because I go back and forth.  I understand Maverick's position of wanting to stay in his home community.  His business is there and he thinks he is doing some good and honestly, he does seem to have an important role there.  However, I can also see Lisa's POV.  They have the money to move and their children are going to school in another district and the kids would probably be safer so what's the hold up?  I guess my answer is they both have a point.

3.) Starr has started to feel guilty about the fact that she hasn't spoken out publicly about Khalil's murder. She's scared to do so, but still feels guilty. If you could speak with her, what would you advise her to do, and why?

I would tell Starr to make her own decisions and follow her heart.  She is a bright girl overall and she seems to be able to look at both the pros and cons of the situation.  She is very lucky in that she has the support of lots of family and I think they are okay with whatever she decides.  I do think she should stop letting her friends influence her so much but she is a teen and that's what they usually do.

4.) Did you find it shocking when a black police officer -- teamed with a white one, who stood by and watched the whole thing -- attempted to intimidate Maverick in front of Mav's own store, with his kids watching? Why would an African-American cop treat one of his own people like that? 

No, I wasn't surprised because we see all kinds of behaviors like that every day.  I am sure that the cop would be getting pressure from both sides.  On one side, he has to work to provide for his family and we know what happened to Uncle Carlos when he stood up to his coworkers.  But on the other hand, he knew what they were doing was wrong.  I'm sure it was a tough situation for him to be in.

So next week we'll be reading 7 more chapters and since we are already more than 50% done, I'm sure there will be lots of interesting things to discuss.


  1. This is one of those books that may be a fantastic read, but I don't want to go there. Too much of this kind of thing in the news and I am trying to avoid it.
    sherry @ fundinmental

    1. I'm the same way... I want to read this one! I just don't think it would be great for my mental health currently...

    2. I would really agree. The news is downright depressing now a days. However, it is interesting to finally read this one.

  2. Well, the intensity is certainly ramping up now!

    In regards to the first question I asked you, I wasn't surprised, either, but I did feel FURIOUS!! This was a clear-cut case, and the officer should have been arrested right away. After all, he had the option of yelling, "Freeze!" instead of shooting Khalil in the back -- THREE times.

    I honestly did not think that Ofrah had a media circus going. She simply introduced herself and her organization at the funeral, and then invited the congregation to join a peaceful march to the cemetery. At first I thought this was not appropriate, but then I changed my mind. However, I didn't like her giving out her card to Starr's family in full view of all the people there, as well as the news vans So I do have some mixed feelings about this.

    One more thing: it doesn't seem that Ofrah called in the news vans. Her organization did sponsor the march, though, which I think was indeed appropriate, considering that poor Khalil was actually murdered.

    As for the second question, I agree -- each of them has a point. Maverick has an idealist viewpoint; he wants to make a contribution to the community. Lisa, on the other hand, is thinking of their children's safety and education. I think both of their points are valid.

    I also totally agree with your answer to the third question. Yes, Starr should definitely follow her heart, and stop letting her friends influence her!

    I think that black cop was forced by his supervisor to act the way he did. And yes, he was between a rock and a hard place. His job was on the line.The fact that the police department sent a black as well as a white cop to do this means that they don't want to be accused of racism (and they thought they were making their message stronger by having the black cop be the active one during this incident).

    I'm really looking forward to our next post! Thanks for the great answers!

    HUGS TO YOU AND THE BOYS, AND "WOOF, WOOF" TO THEM!!! <3 <3 <3 :) :) :)

    1. I do believe that while I don't this Just Us for Justice should have shown up at the funeral, I do think Ofrah is handling the situation very well.

  3. I am enjoying reading the buddy read questions! 📚

  4. I just watched this movie and reviewed it, so this is good timing. It's such a complex book, and movie, that made me go back and forth too on certain points.

    1. I just caught your review. It makes me that much more excited to see the movie when I'm done reading.

  5. I agree completely that Just Us for Justice derailing Khalil's funeral was disgusting - I felt myself cringing away from the scene, which proves how great Angie Thomas's writing is, because I don't often get such visceral reactions! I felt the same during the scene mentioned in the last question, too: my heart was racing as fast as Starr's was when the police were so abrasive towards her father, although I also wasn't surprised to see it play out that way.

  6. I wasn't surprised of the police interaction with Mav, but it was so infuriating just the same. I wanted to just scream at the officers, it pissed me off so much. But, Thomas is such a fantastic writer, that is the exact reaction I believe she wants readers to have. None of this was okay, and we should never become so complacent that we begin to think it is okay.

    I love the discussion questions. I really enjoy these posts!