Friday, December 13, 2019

Best Female Characters - Chuckles Christmas Selection

So, it's time for all the year-ending lists so many of us love to complete and share.  This year Chuckles, over at Chuckles Book Cave has created a Christmas Selection for each day of the month.  I loved so of her ideas so much that I just had to participate on 4 or 5 select days.  Just something extra for the month.  Check out here original list HERE and join in on the fun!

Although it isn't the topic she picked today, it is one I missed earlier so today I'm sharing.....


I actually have two from the Discovery of Witches trilogy.  Diana Bishop is awesome and another favorite is Ysabeau de Clermont.  She can be ruthless at times but overall she rocks!

Another series where I have more that one favorite.  Of course Kate Daniels is a great female character but I also love her best friend Andrea.

No list is complete without Veronica Speedwell!

I wouldn't EVER want to babysit her but as far as characters go, Rosa is a wonderfully evil little girl.

So Violet is actually pretty unhinged but she made a great character. 

I love Gert - foul mouth and all!

So glad I read this trilogy last month and got to know Lilly.  An older female character with brains!  Oh, and her love of dogs doesn't hurt.

So do you have any favorite female characters this year???


  1. I'm still interested in reading Violet! 👍✨

    1. You need to. I loved it even if it was all kinds of crazy!

  2. I think my two favorite female characters this year were Charlotte Sloane from those Andrea Penrose mysteries and Mercy Kilpatrick from Kendra Elliot's mystery series. :)

    1. I've only read one of the Penrose books but yes, Charlotte is awesome.

  3. I like finding strong female characters in my books-I really hate the useless whiny vacant ones!

  4. Well, I've only read the first one of these but it's a great selection of characters and I love that crazy dog picture.
    Lynn :D