Monday, May 30, 2022

2 Blogger 1 Series - Virgin River


So Stormi and I haven't stopped with the Virgin River series yet.  I'm actually kind of surprised.  And even though the last installment, as well as this one, hasn't quite been up to the usual 5 paw rating they have all gotten so far, I am still finding them enjoyable.  So read on to see what I think about our most recent read and then hop over to Stormi's at  Books, Movies, Reviews! Oh My! to see what she thought as well.

TITLE: Moonlight Road (Virgin River #10)

AUTHOR: Robyn Carr
PUBLISHING DATE: March 2, 2010
SOURCE: Library

FROM GOODREADS: With her beloved younger siblings settled and happy, Erin Foley has empty nest syndrome. At age thirty-five.

So she's hitting the pause button on her life and holing up in a secluded (but totally upgraded—she's not into roughing it) cabin near Virgin River. Erin is planning on getting to know herself…not the shaggy-haired mountain man she meets.

In fact, beneath his faded fatigues and bushy beard, Aiden Riordan is a doctor, recharging for a summer after leaving the navy. He's intrigued by the pretty, slightly snooty refugee from the rat race—her meditating and journaling are definitely keeping him at arm's length. He'd love to get closer…if his scruffy exterior and crazy ex-wife don't hold him back.

But maybe it's something in the water—unlikely romances seem to take root in Virgin River…helped along by some well-intentioned meddling, of course.

MY THOUGHTS:  This book does a good job of mixing up the characters.  Even though Aiden and Erin's story is the primary one, we get decent side stories from Mel and Jack as well as Maureen.  Erin has worked hard her whole life supporting her sister and brother after their parents died.  She has never really taken a vacation and doesn't really know how to.  So in need of a break, she decides to spend the summer in a recently refurbished cabin.  She meets Aiden when he accidentally knocks her out and they have sort of a rocky start.  However, per usual, love starts to blossom in Virgin River once again but not without some problems thrown in such as a bear attack, a hostage situation, and Aiden's ex wife.

I have to be honest and say that I actually found Mel a tad annoying in this book.  She and Jack are probably my favorite couple, next to Preacher and Paige, and it bothers me to say Mel has some hang ups which she just won't let go. It does all work itself out in the end though.  My other major complaint is that I am really finding these books to be too baby-centric.  It seems there are babies everywhere you turn and this book has way too many pregnancy stories going all at once.

I think what keeps me coming back to these books is their cozy, small-town vibes.  It's like visiting an old friend and they are always quick reads.  I'm looking forward to the next in the series but seriously hope there are fewer babies around.



  1. I think we agree pretty much about everything. :)

  2. Fantastic review! I thought we'd lost you. I appreciate your thoughts on this. I've only read the first book and yes, some of these series become too baby centric.

    Anne - Books of My Heart