Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Down for the 3 count!

Hey, it's me guys, Booker T.  And I am here to tell you I am REALLY REALLY REALLY sick of winter!  Now normally I love snow and any chance I get to roll Cassius around in it, but Snow + Below 0 temps/wind chills = Mom and Dad will not let us go out and play!  I am going stir crazy here.  You can only watch soooo any zombie movies looking for new tips to attack the herds, and only play so many games of keep away and chase around the kitchen table, before it all gets to you.  I am so hoping it warms up this weekend so Cass and I can go play football at our favorite field.  Mom was so desperate for entertainment the other night we ended up sporting these get-ups (in an attempt to stay warm) and wrestling around on the floor.  If you can't tell, Cassius lost!

That's all for now folks!  Stay warm and as always, keep an eye out for the undead!

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