Tuesday, February 3, 2015

February 2015 TBR

So, here is what I plan on reading throughout the next month.  However, I know I am not dedicated enough to follow this exactly, but hey, it will give me an idea and planning is good, right?

White Magic Five and Dime Prince Repo Man
Blew up the Moon A Little Something Different Seconds
Burned Dentonhill Vision in Silver


White Magic Five and DimeI am almost finished with this one.  I could have had it done in January my family and I hadn't became addicted to The Strain series.
Prince Inside the Music and the Masks.  This was my February TBR pick and while I love Prince, I was tempted to put it back in the jar and try again.  Hope I can get interested enough in it to make it a quick read.
The Midnight Plan of the Repo Man.  This is high on the priority list.
Please Don't Tell My Parents I Blew Up the MoonJust received this eARC and recently learned it is second in a series - got to track down the first one as I am anal about reading things in order.

A Little Something Different.  My ode to Valentine's Day
The Thorn of Dentonhill
Vision in Silver.  HAVE HAVE HAVE to read this.  Not only is it an eARC, it is one of my favorite series of all time.

Too ambitious?  I think so and I am probably setting myself up for failure, but the TBR pile is massive!

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