Friday, February 27, 2015

March TBR Jar Pick

OK, this TBR jar may be getting the best of me.  It's a good idea in it is making me pick up some books that have been on my shelves for what seem like forever.  However, I couldn't make myself finished last month's pick so I am carrying it over to March, and then my March pick doesn't exactly thrill me.  I know what books are in the jar (see post for specifics) and all I can think of is ones I wished I had drawn out instead of this one  But I refuse to give up and here is March's addition to the TBR list:

Those Who Fight Monsters - Edited by Justin Gustainis.  I have to admit I do love the cover.  Has anyone read this?  What were your thoughts?


  1. I'm the kind of person who can happily DNF a book and move onto something else if I'm not enjoying it so I'd be ok doing your book jar thing and not worried about the next pick and whether I felt like reading it or not. I can see it would be a big problem choosing your next read if none are appealing to you right now AND you are a reader who feels they must finish a book!

    Good luck and I hope your choice works out!

  2. Yeah, I am kind of anal about finishing. I have DNF'ed 2 books on my goodreads list in the past 6 or so years. I have just recently been able to juggle 2 books at once which helps some, especially since the one I am struggling with is a biography. That is helping some.