Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Rescue Me, Maybe

TITLE: Rescue Me, Maybe
AUTHOR: Jackie Bouchard
PUBLISHER: Lake Union Publishing

FROM GOODREADS: If you lost both your spouse and your dog to cancer within weeks of each other, but you were sadder about the dog, would you tell anyone? Maybe your closest friends. Unfortunately, Jane Bailey's closest friends are on the other side of the country. That's where Jane plans to go now that she's free to leave Philadelphia, the too cold, beachless, street taco-deficient city her husband dragged her to six years ago. But with no job prospects in her hometown of San Diego, Jane is roped into helping out temporarily at her uncle's southwestern small-town B&B. En route to her new role as innkeeper and breakfast chef, she finds a stray at a rest stop. With her heart in pieces from the loss of her dog, she's determined not to let this mutt worm its way into her affections. She's also determined to have next-to-no interaction with the B&B's irritating guests, and the even more annoying handyman who lives next door. Can Jane keep her sanity—and her secret that she's not really a grieving widow—while trying to achieve her dream of getting back to the place she thinks is home? Fans of Lolly Winston's Good Grief will enjoy Rescue Me, Maybe.

MY THOUGHTS: I have struggled for several days with putting into words how much I loved and enjoyed this book. While I love most things horror and paranormal related, my main love in my life is my family (especially my 4-legged ones) and therefore, when I see a book featuring a dog, or with a cute dog on the cover, I am almost immediately sucked in. I had hoped Rescue Me, Maybe would be a GOOD "dog" book as I was looking for something to fill the space left by Lucy Dillon's books (until she releases a new canine featured one) but little did I know I was finding a GREAT "dog" book.

When the book opens, Jane Bailey has lost both her husband and her dog to cancer within a few weeks. While she hates that her husband died, that relationship boat had started to sail, so who Jane really misses is her dog Barnum. While that sounds cold-hearted, it makes for a wonderful tale. Jane goes through the grief of losing two major individuals in her life, and the guilt of not being in love with her husband when he passes. Jane decides to quit her job and move back to California but ends up covering at her aunt and uncle's B&B on the way.
She also meets up with a new dog, Maybe, and goes through the process of allowing a new dog to enter her life.

While the dogs are great characters in this book, so are the people. I adored Jane. She is very guarded and only allows a few people into her life, but I immediately felt this was someone with whom I could be friends. I also adored all the people in Arizona. While there is somewhat of a love interest, there is definitely no "insta-love" which wins extra points as far as I am concerned. Also, while this book may come across as depressing at times, it really isn't. It's a book about love, loss, new chances and moving on. There is humor spread throughout the book, such as Jane trying to steal back her dead husbands ashes from his in-laws, and the lists Jane makes in her head while trying to go to sleep at night which are a nice humorous addition.

I can't recommend this book enough. It is going on my list of top 5 books read in 2015 and I can't wait to read more of Bouchard's works. If you love dogs, good women's fiction, or contemporaries give this book a chance. I don't think you will be sorry.

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.


COYER SCAVENGER HUNT #53 - Read a book with just half a face on the cover.

BOOKER T's THOUGHTS:  First let me say that Barnum Bailey the beagle is one of the best dog names ever - well, next to Booker T Boxer.  And while it was sad that Jane lost him, at least she got to meet Maybe.  I think Maybe is a wonderful dog and while she herself faced some obstacles, I found her to be one brave dog (Mom says I can't say to much because it would be a "spoiler."  I don't see or smell anything spoiled!).  Maybe would be a nice girlfriend - too bad she doesn't live near me.  Maybe has some great humans and dogs in her life and you will just have to read the book to find out more about her - including how she got her name, Maybe.  I give Barnum, Maybe and all her friends 5 paws!


  1. Thank you! I <3 this review so much! (I G+'d and Tweeted it!) Love that Booker T added his thoughts. :) And, wow, really thrilled to make your top 5 books for the year! You made my day!

    (Also love the cover scavenger hunt idea. What fun! The funny thing about that cover is that my friends - and even my family - keep asking if that's me on the cover! It's not, but it really does look like me, and my dog Abby, who was the inspiration for Maybe.)

    Thanks again!!

  2. This sounds like a good book, Barb! I've read a couple other women's fiction books this year and enjoyed them so I'll take a look at this one. Good review!

  3. When I was going through a divorce one of the things my soon to be ex kept bringing up was that I loved my horse more than him. I cried every day for 2 weeks after the separation and then decided to get on with my life. When my horse died the next year, I cried every day for 6 weeks. Turns out that my ex was right! LOL. I should read this book.

    1. Heather, thanks for sharing. Some people and animals form a special bond. This book is definitely right up your alley!