Friday, June 3, 2016

Author Interview - Diane Moat (Dog Gone)

Today Booker T and I have a very special guest here at the farm - Diane Moat, who is joining us to talk about her new debut novel, Dog Gone, and share some fun tidbits about herself.  Please welcome Diane and go and check out her book!

SYNOPSIS: Samantha Holden is camping with her boyfriend in a remote area of Tennessee when she discovers the body of a dog.  The animal has been brutally tortured and killed, and Sam is incensed by its senseless death - and the apparent disinterest of the local police.  She resolves to learn more about saving animals in distress but soon realizes that this can be a frustrating business as her efforts are constantly hampered by endless rules and red tape.  In desperation, Samantha turns to crime in her efforts to tackle those who harm and abuse animals, while never losing her focus of finding the man ho killed the dog she found.  Assisted by a gorgeous "fence," a social media guru who spends her life indoors, and a retired gangster, Sam follows her instincts with an undeterred and unrelenting fortitude until she finally tracks down the heartless killer and faces him in a final reckoning.  Dog Gone is a satisfying adventure for animal lovers everywhere.

Dog Gone is your first book.  What inspired you to write it and do you plan on any sequels or is it a stand alone novel?

I started volunteering with different animal rescues a few years ago. Whenever there was a new case of animal abuse or terrible neglect, someone would invariably say "If only I could get my hands on that person..."  Over time that caught my imagination, making me thing, "What if you really could get your hands on that person?"  I wanted a character who was sympathetic but also tough.  I also wanted a novel which was exciting, but hopefully also could teach people a bit about animal rescue.

Writing Dog Gone was a wonderful experience.  I don't think I can top that "first" but there will hopefully be at least one more big adventure for Sam and her group.

Your book seems to feature a unique blend of characters (a "fence," a media guru, a retired gangster) as well as the main characters.  Are these individuals in your book inspired by people you personally know?

Most of my characters are a combination of people I know, plus imagination.  The social media guru (Aunt Pi) is homebound and a bit of a hoarder.  My mother was also homebound and a hoarder, so I hope I was able to give people a different perspective on that.  Just because you are "different" doesn't mean that you don't have value.

Who are some of your favorite authors and some of your favorite books?  What genre do you gravitate to the most?  And I'm curious, what book are you currently reading?

I love any type of fiction where the characters are a little different, and maybe even have some flaws. I don't usually go by whether something is a "romance" or "science fiction" and I love them all equally.  Currently I a reading the next installment in J.D. Robb's Death series, "Brotherhood in Death."

Booker T is my fabulous co-blogger and he has a few questions for you too!

As you can tell, Mom (and Dad too) love dogs (and most animals to be honest).  Mom told me you are an animal rescuer.  Tell us how you got started and a little bit about the challenges and rewards you have encountered doing such a great job!

My first dog adopted me 13 years ago, and I have only let rescue dogs adopt me since then.  About five years ago I went on a volunteer run for an organization called "Mobile Mutts."  There were so many dogs in the South needing homes, and people up North wanting dogs, the balance is way out of whack..  When a rescue group in the South finds a foster or adopter up North (especially for some of those hard to place babies), one of the groups they used to help get the babies up North is Mobile Mutts.  It is made up completely by volunteers, who each give up anywhere from one hour to three hours to get a dog closer to their new home.  I volunteered five years ago to transport a senior dog from a shelter in Tennessee to Kentucky.  Someone met me there and got him further North, and eventually he was in his new home!  I was totally hooked, and now I volunteer for several rescues and it is the best thing in my life.

And lastly, here's the important question....what animals own you?  Please tell me all about them and how they help (or maybe hinder) your writing process.

I am so glad you asked.  Here is my wonderful gang!

Hope - my 13 year old Boston Terrier.  She is my inspiration for writing.  She adopted me when she was three months old.  We have been through everything together, and she is FEARLESS!

Angel - my sweet 12 year old Lab.  When I am writing she helps remind me to potty regularly.

Annabelle - my 9-10 year old chi-weenie.  She keeps a lookout for monsters when I write.

Baby - my 5-6 year old Chi.  She was terribly abused before she came to me, and she reminds me to be patient with my writing.

Minnie - She is my 2-3 year old Chi-mix.  She makes me laugh every day, and anything funny I write is thanks to her.

Foster - my 9-10 year old Chi.  I was only going to "foster" him and he stayed.  He reminds me to always wear something on my feet, even when I am in the house, as he has never understood why marking every piece of furniture is a bad thing.

Thank you Diane for stopping by.  Booker T and I plan on reading Dog Gone in June and hope some of our readers will now pick it up as well!!!!


  1. Mobile Mutts sounds wonderful. Every dog must have the chance of being in a happy home like Booker T...

    1. Yes, they are fabulous! Everyone should please think about how they can support their local rescues. Volunteering, donating, or even just spreading the word; all help greatly!

  2. I don't read many animal books but this one sounds really interesting. :)

  3. Stormi,

    If you do read it, please let me know what you think!