Friday, June 3, 2016

Weekly Reads (06/03/16)

Hope everyone out there had a wonderful week.  Things at the farm have been nice and we enjoyed a nice Memorial Day weekend.  On Saturday and Sunday I redid the flower garden, which we do every spring while the husband trimmed some trees in the backyard.  Here are a few pictures.  This is where we have buried out past 3 boxers so you can see their memorials pretty well.  I used to plant all the flowers in the actual ground, but my dear pups like to help water them too much so in the long run, we have found this easier.  Plus, this way we can add new baskets during the summer when I find ones I absolutely can't live without. (By the way, the fence behind us is not ours or it would look differently.  The house is empty and the landlords just leaned it up against the chain link so the dogs wouldn't go crazy while they worked on it).

We watched a few movies as well as the hockey playoffs.  We finally saw "Triple 9" which was a bad movie but which I primarily wanted to watch because it starred Norman Reedus.  It was your typical dirty cop movie.  We also watched "The Finest Hours" which was awesome and I can't recommend it enough.

I managed to get some reading done this past week and finished two books and started a new one. Hopefully I will get tads more reading done over the weekend and this upcoming week.  Here's what's on the agenda.

I am almost halfway through "The Invisible Library" and although I am aware it's getting mixed reviews, I am really loving it.

What are you plans for the weekend and the upcoming week?  

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  1. Your memorial area is really pretty and tidy...a fitting place for your furry friends to rest in peace. Lovely!