Tuesday, August 30, 2016

TTT - 10 Series That Should Be Required Reading For All Cozy Mystery Fans

This top 10 weekly meme is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish and can be found HERE.  Each week they focus on lists which cover various topics related to books and reading. This week is a "Back-to-School" freebie.  I thought long and hard and I know I've done similar topics which related to horror books which should be required reading in school and I also think I've done dog-related books.  So since you all know I am an eclectic reader, I've decided to focus on my 10 favorite cozy mystery series. I will add how many books are out so far which doesn't necessarily mean I've read them all.

The Wishcraft Mystery Series (7 books so far) - Heather Blake

The Library Lover's Mystery Series (7 books so far) - Jenn McKinlay

Magic Potion Myseries (3 so far) - Heather Blake

Paws and Claws Mysteries (3 so far - 4th in 2017) - Krista Davis

Whiskey, Tango & Foxtrot Mysteries (4 so far) - Dixie Lyle

Call of the Wilde (4 so far) - Laura Morrigan

Retired Witches Mysteries (2 books) - Jim and Joyce Lavene

Barkery & Biscuits Mysteries (2 books so far) - Lindo O. Johnston

A Mind for Murder (3 books so far) - Rochelle Staab

Devereaux's Dime Store (5 so far) - Denise Swanson

Dog Walker Mysteries (6 total) - Judi McCoy

OK, so I actually had 11 before I knew it so you get a bonus entry this week.  I've actually read at least one book out of each of these series and am current on the Dog Walker Mysteries (and sadly the author passed away so the series is over), the Library Lovers series, the Devereaux's Dime Store series and the Barkery & Biscuits series.

If you like a cozy mystery from time to time, why not give one of these a try?


  1. Ooh! I'm going to have to hang on to this list! Talk about a reminder that I have a couple I need to get current in that I have started - I read It takes a Witch (1 and 2 so far) and Woof at the Door (only the 1st one). One for your list that I totally recommend - Carrots by Colleen Helme. It's what got me reading cozy and I love it best!

    1. Thanks Berls, I will be checking Carrots out! Glad you enjoyed my topic this week.

  2. So it looks like I have a list I need to hang on to because out of your list I have only read or started reading a couple...lol.

    I have read all the Potion mysteries and I will be listening to the third Paws and Claws soon. I have a few of those other ones but not read them so I need to get on them...lol. :)

    To your list I would add The Tourist Trap Mysteries, The Potting Shed Mysteries, The Charmed Pie Shoppe Mysteries and the Gaslight Mysteries...lol. :)

  3. I discovered cozies in the last year or two and really enjoy them, the ones I've read anyway. The Jenn McKinlay ones seem to come highly recommended, and she always has good covers. :) A Taste for Murder looks fun, I haven't seen that one. I'm working my way through some of Ellery Adams' at the moment.

  4. I've never read any of these! I don't think I've read many (any??) cozy mysteries. It's not because I don't like it, but I guess I just haven't gone there yet. :D Thanks for the list on where to start!

  5. Also, the Heather Blake ones look really fantastic!!

  6. There's quite a few on here I'd like to give a go. The covers for both the Lavene and Blake series' look particularly good.