Thursday, September 13, 2018

The Sunshine Blogger Award

I was tagged by Greg over at Book Haven.  Thanks Greg!  I doubt I will tag anyone because I think it's made it's rounds but I at least wanted to answer Greg's questions.

1.  Favorite flavor of ice cream
Ben & Jerry's Fish Food

2.  Favorite Music 
A tie between Prince and 70's music - couldn't live without either

3.  Do you believe in Heaven?
Yes and all my pets who have passed are waiting there for me - if not, I'm not going :)

4.  What is your favorite vacation destination?

5.  Would you rather eat at home or go out to eat?
Eat at home.  Mr. Barb is a wonderful cook!

6.  If you could come back to life in a cloned body, would you do so?
Nope.  Now if I could come back as a vampire.....

7.  Would you rather have a talking cat or a talking dog?
Really?  No question - a talking dog

8.  What book would you want to be able to enter at will?
Any Winnie-the-Pooh book

9.  Weirdest book you've read
Tim Waggoner's "The Mouth of Darkness"

10.  Favorite book to movie adaptation
"What Dreams May Come" by Richard Matheson

11. If you could change the ending of one book what would it be?
Marley & Me - if you've read it or even saw the movie, you know why.


  1. I watched that entire Marley & Me movie with a huge pit of dread in my stomach. I don't know I did it :(

    1. I insisted on reading the book before my friend and I went to see it. My husband STILL won't watch the movie and can't say that I blame him much.

  2. Phish Food is my favorite. I haven't been to B&J since I was in my teens, but I used to love trying all the various flavors. I always went back to the Phish Food though. LoL

    1. Yep, something about those little chocolate fish swimming around in marshmallow.

  3. Ooh glad you did this!!! I love 70's music- some of the old rock from that era= priceless. Yay for eating home. And yes I would have been shocked if you had picked talking cats. :)

  4. Ben & Jerry's Fish Food? Not tried that one yet! Congrats on your award. I had fun reading your answers.

  5. I love 70's music! I'm into disco, rock and glam rock from the era! I'd live to be a vampire...that way I can sit indoors and watch tv and films and read for all eternity!

    1. That was my thought with the whole vampire thing.

  6. Fish food ice cream? I have never never heard of that. I agree that all my pets will be in heaven with me. It wouldn't be heaven with out them right?

  7. I love this and your answers and was nodding along. OMG - if my dog could talk - he's already developed his own form of communicating and is extremely bossy - I think I'd have to gag him. The nose boop - he just loves it. If that doesn't work, he turns his back on me, facing the door, and growls low - like a rumble.
    I love Winnie the Pooh - who wouldn't want to enter hundred acres and meet Winnie and Tigger. And, on balance, I would probably prefer to eat at home. I do like to go out but if I'm paying to eat out I expect it to be good - otherwise you might as well make it yourself. TBH I like cooking and I don't mind all the prep work so there is that. My husband's favourite Ben and Jerry's ice cream was Chubby Hubby (strangely appropriate) mine was Chunky Monkey (also strangely appropriate) - I think both have gone to the graveyard - boo!
    Lynn :D

  8. Eating at home, for the win! You don't even have to put on pants if you don't want to ;-) Ooh I like the way you think. Coming back as a clone, no thanks. But as a vampire? I might take that offer too :-P

  9. Everyone is always surprised by the fact that I am not a huge fan of eating out. It is fun to do sometimes but home is just so nice and I love having my dogs lying in the room to protect me :)