Thursday, March 14, 2019

Booker T Wants a New Job! (Please Don't Feed the Mayor Review)

So I wanted to take place in a new feature Jo over at Jo's Book Blog has started.  On Thursdays, she posts things related to our precious furbabies.  What better way this week than to share a review of a recent read.  And make sure to check out Jo's feature.  She's on Spring Break right now but will be back soon!

TITLE: Please Don't Feed the Mayor
AUTHOR: Sue Pethick
PUBLISHER: Kensington Publishing Corporation
PUBLISHING DATE: February 26, 2019

FROM GOODREADS: When the lumber mill closes, laying off most everyone in Fossett, Oregon, Melanie MacDonald plans to revitalize her beloved but beleaguered homestead by running her border collie Shep in Fossett's mayoral race . . . &nsbsp;

Shep wins by a landslide. 

A lover of democracy and dog treats, Shep is rapidly earning the goodwill of Fossett's citizens. Tourists are streaming in and everyone wants to glad-paw the new mayor. Suddenly Melanie and Shep are media darlings, with requests for interviews, game shows, and personal appearances through the roof. But there's trouble in paradise. Determined to win back his former wife, Bryce MacDonald discovers a rival in tabloid reporter Chad Cameron, who's in Fossett to dig up dirt on Melanie and Shep. He finds a willing co-conspirator in the malcontent who lost the election. Hounded by the press and desperate to head off a potential dog-napping, Melanie unwittingly puts herself in danger. Shep comes to the rescue, proving his mettle to save his faithful human at the risk of his own life . . . and new political career. 

MY THOUGHTS: When I saw the title and the cover for Pethick's latest release, I knew any powers of resistance were futile.  So when I finally picked it up, it was also no surprise that I breeze through it in less than 2 days. 

Four years ago Melanie McDonald left her husband and returned to her small country town to open her own small business.  However, Melanie is more than aware that her small town is losing popularity and in order to continue to thrive and draw new visitors and residents, it is badly in need of revitalization.  Enter Melanie's adorable Border Collie, Shep, and her plan for him to become Mayor of Fossett.

Melanie ends up enlisting the help of her ex-husband, who is also a lawyer, because she knows little about the legalities of running a successful candidacy.  In since Bryce is trying to escape a city of problem of his own, he agrees to help.  Slowly they realize they still have feelings for each other but can they overcome their huge differences and what exactly does Shep have to say about a reconciliation?

"Please Don't Feed the Mayor" has a cozy mystery feel without the real mystery.  However there is some intrigue and suspense and the book actually was heavier in plot than I initially anticipated.  I have to admit that in the beginning, I liked Melanie and felt she was stupid for bringing Bryce back into her life.  Then my feelings did a 180 and I liked Bryce and found Melanie annoying.  In fact, I kind of wanted new parents for Shep altogether.  Yet toward the end I became pleased with Pethick's overall direction and reached a peace with characters. 

And I have to mention Shep.  Shep is awesome.  He's loyal and fun and has a way of communicating his wants and desires to those around him.  In one scene, because he doesn't care for Bryce, he fakes an injury while hiking so that Bryce has to carry him back several miles to his car, and then place him in it mud and all.  Smart dog.

So if you like feelgood animal tales or books with small town charm, consider picking up "Please Don't Feed the Mayor."  You'll also get a healthy dose of fun and suspense thrown into the mix.


BOOKER T's THOUGHTS:  Mother has clearly been holding out on me!  She never informed me I could be Mayor.  I want to see my name plastered on campaign signs and think how cute I'd look on campaign buttons.  I could create lots of laws to favor animals and think of the celebratory parties.  I don't know when I'll forgive her for this one!


  1. A dog for mayor, great idea😁 This looks like fun, and that cover is adorable!

    1. I wish my town had a dog for mayor. Would do a better job :)

  2. has a lot of elements that i look for in a good read. thanks for sharing.
    sherry @ fundinmental

  3. Dogs wouldn't be corrupt politicians that's for sure! Love the idea of the book but it sounds like it needs better characters!

    1. No and I think they would probably see things better than most humans - and have better ideas than most.

  4. I'm all for dogs being politians! πŸ•✨

    I love your Furs-Day graphic. πŸ‘✨

    1. Thanks. That's what happens when I play around on PicMonkey.