Thursday, June 13, 2019

2 Bloggers 1 Book - Something Borrowed, Something Mewed

So once again this month Stormi and have planned three buddy reads.  I would say it was accidental but I believe it was an intentional plot from Stormi to convince me to read "Discovery of Witches."  I have to admit I am loving it though.  Our first one of the month comes from one of our favorite cozy mystery series.  So check out my thoughts and then make sure to hop over to Stormi's at Books, Movies, Reviews! Oh My! for hers.  

TITLE: Something Borrowed, Something Mewed (Lucky Paws Petsitting Mystery #5)
AUTHOR:  Bethany Blake
PUBLISHER: Kensington

FROM GOODREADS: Daphne Templeton's sister Piper is getting married--and their mother is getting carried away. She insists on hiring Sylvan Creek's top event planner, Abigail Sinclair, who proposes an Independence Day theme complete with Statue of Liberty-inspired bridesmaid dresses. With all the bickering among the families, Daphne's glad her only duty right now is pet-sitting for Abby's cat, Ms. Peebles. But there are some fireworks coming that aren't part of the ceremony. The Poconos will never be the same . . . 

At a tension-filled dress fitting, the abrasive wedding planner is found strangled by a garter--a weapon both borrowed and blue. Now Daphne's services are required not just for organizing the big day, but for figuring out whether one of the in-laws is an outlaw . . . 

MY THOUGHTS:  Honestly guys I think this series just keeps getting better for me. So a wedding is being planned in Sylvan Creek and while the bride isn't really in favor of the planned 4th of July themed nuptials, she sure didn't want the wedding planner to die.  And when the husband of the bride is one of the prime suspects, Daphne takes it upon herself to start investigating again in order to help out her sister.

This installment once again has some of our favorite characters - people and pets.  We have Daphne's best friend, Moxie and her pet rat as well as Detective Black and his two dogs.  And I have to admit he was really ticking me off at times.  Socrates, Daphne's trusted Basset is present and is worried that his poodle girlfriend might have to leave town because her mom's business might fail.  There is also Ms. Peebles, the deceased's cat who is forced to make peace with Tinkerton once Daphne takes her home with her.  And we even get some new characters and a wonderful new pet pig.  So you can understand why I like Sylvan Creek so much.

The mystery aspect is interesting as well.  There are several suspects and it wasn't until the very end that I suspected how it was all going to play out.  "Something Borrowed, Something Mewed" introduces us to a new business which is going to have it's own series - The Owl and Crescent Mysteries.  I'm thrilled to have more of this quaint little which has the promise of some paranormal aspects and lots of pets.

If you enjoy cozy mysteries you need to pick up this series.  It is one of my all-time favorites and I'm just hoping there are more to come!




  1. Looks like you both loved this one. I'm adding the series to my growing list of cozies:)

  2. Strangled by a garter! What a way to go. ;D

  3. That would certainly complicate a wedding. :)

    1. Personally I think they were saved in not having a July 4th themed wedding. It sounded quite odd and tacky :)