Monday, June 3, 2019

Summer COYER 2019!

So the past few times, I've been pretty bad at participating in COYER but the rules are so simple this summer (as in almost anything counts) that I just have to participate.  I usually follow along with all  the Facebook activities but hadn't really tracked or entered my reading.  So this summer will be different. They are doing a huge treasure hunt and it looks like so much fun.  So here is a link to all the explaining everything.  The challenge runs from June 1st to August 31st.  So hop on over!  


  1. I did COYER once about three years ago, and there was this one woman who crawled up my butt every time I posted in the Facebook group, with something to say in a negative way about my books, and then she started replying to comments I made on other people's post. I brought it to the admins' attention, but they never messaged me back, and I also noticed that no one ever defended me, so I am guessing she was someone who had been doing COYER for a while and it was a "look the other way" thing. I liked the challenge, but it wasn't worth being harrassed. Ha ha. 😜

    1. That's awful! I've never had that experience or I wouldn't be doing it either.