Saturday, October 3, 2020

Tag You're It - Would You Rather Version


I saw this over at La La in the Library's blog and thought it seemed like fun. I'm wanting to incorporate more things into this "celebrate spooky" month and since La La's is one of my favorite blogs.  What better way?  I will link her original post, with credits to the creator, HERE.

1. Would you rather have a free glamping vacation with fancy tents and gourmet food, out in the wilderness with no internet, and only the chef to keep you company for two weeks; or a free vacation in NYC crammed into a tiny modest hotel room with a friend and having to eat street vendor food for two weeks, but with tickets to a Broadway show every night, museum passes, and unlimited cab fare?

I'd much rather be in a cramped NYC hotel room with all the extras.  I'm not much for camping and making it glamorous wouldn't really make it any better.

2. Would you rather be world famous because you were excellent at something you couldn't care less about, or regionally well known and respected for being excellent at something you love?

Being regionally well known and respected for something I love.  Being world famous might have a tendency to bring out all the freaks!

3. Would you rather have your dream bedroom painted in the loudest version of the color you hate most (and no you can't cover up the walls), or a simple bedroom painted in your favorite color?

Simple bedroom in my favorite color - or at least a color I love.  Yellow tends to be one of my least-favorite colors and all I can imagine is a dream bedroom painted in school bus yellow!

4. Would you rather stay overnight in a possibly haunted hotel room by yourself, or in a graveyard with three friends?

A graveyard with friends - the more the merrier!

5. Would you rather go to a dinner party where they were serving all of your favorite food made by a five star catering company, but you didn't know anyone, or to a dinner party with all your friends, but the host is a horrible cook?

A dinner party with friends and a horrible cook.  We can always order in if needed :)

6. Would you rather listen to an audiobook, or be read to by a person in the same room?

Neither?  Honestly, an audiobook if I had to.  As a kid I didn't even like being read to much as I would much rather read it on my own.

7. Would you rather walk fifteen minutes to work and fifteen back, or drive an hour to work and an hour back?

Walk 15 minutes - think how healthy I'd be and hey, I'm saving 1 1/2 hours.

8. Would you rather be compelled to sing loud and off key when you hear your favorite song, or dance wildly?

Both!  What fun!

9. Would you rather live in an upscale neighborhood and have neighbors you hate, or a working class neighborhood with neighbors you love?

Working class with neighbors I love.  

10. Would you rather be a summer Olympic athlete, or a winter Olympic athlete?

Why can't there be Fall Olympics???

So there you go.  I'm not going to tag anyone but if you want to participate, just link myself and La La.


  1. These questions are tough, I guess thats the point😁 I'm laughing at the camping question where you have to spend two weeks with a chef, lol.

  2. Same here on camping! And NYC street food sounds fabulous. Give me all that. :) And yup same on the dinner party. I agree about the 15 min walking too!

    I'd be all for fall Olympics. Would pumpkin spice latte drinking qualify? I do love those... or maybe pumpkin rolling. :)

  3. I feel like those are fairly easy to Though with #1 it might depend on how cute the chef is! ;)

  4. Fun to think about which ones I'd pick and why. I agree with you on most of them. :D

  5. I would never want to be world famous. I’m a nobody, and I still occasionally get nasty messages from strange weirdos on the internet. Celebrities probably get thousands of those. I couldn’t handle it.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  6. Yes! Fall Olympics! Leaf pile jumping, pumpkin rolling (good one, Greg), corn maze, chestnut tossing. 😁

    I agree I would not want to be world famous nowadays. Fans can be crazy. 😯

    I would always prefer to love my neighbors. Having bad neighbors is way too stressful. 🏘

    Thanks for playing tag! I loved all you answers. We should all sing off key and dance wildly when we hear our favorite song. πŸ€—

  7. I hate the very idea of camping with bugs, spiders, no indoor toilet, serial killers etc! I'm not bothered about the Broadway shows but the rest of NYC would be fun. I don't ever want to be famous as I'm a really private person! Dinner party with friends and takeaway food! I used to have to travel to work and I used the bus and train time to read or listen to music.

  8. Ugh, camping, Not for me and why would I want to spend the entire time with an unknown chef - I like food, but I prefer friends. I enjoyed this one.
    Lynn :D