Friday, January 2, 2015

December wrap up

Hello fellow humans, it's Booker T here and before you think "But T you aren't a human" I will say "DON'T BUST MY BUBBLE!"  Just wanted to check in and say that we had a wonderful Christmas and New Year's here on the farm and all family members were blessed and overjoyed to spend time with family and friends.  Me and Cass were severely spoiled.  We got 2 stuffed birds which make real bird sounds and Cass has lost it.  I think he thinks they are real.  All I know is one is affectionately referred to as "that damn bird" and the other flew south for the winter (aka - hiding in the closet).

Mom and Dad had time off and we spent lots of time playing and romping in the fields.  Mom said to tell you guys she will try to post some 2015 Reading and Blogging goals this weekend as well as a January TBR.  I heard her mumbling that December really wasn't the best month for reading, but I think she did just fine.  That's all from me and Cass and here is a picture of us playing.  Catch ya later!

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