Thursday, April 21, 2016

A Moments Break From the Normal Bookish Things

RIP Prince
Today is an extremely sad day for me.  I grew up a teen of the 80's.  I loved glam rock, neon colors and most of all, the artist pictured above.  No matter what my life brought - good times, happy times, party times or just time chilling, I could always find a Prince song that fit the mood.  I remember my parents dropping me and my friend off at the local theater (I didn't have my license yet) to see Purple Rain and then us singing it at the top of our lungs for weeks to come.  Even when his music became less mainstream, I still bought it and have 62 CD's in my collection.  I always knew this day would probably come, but it still came too soon.  So I must say "Goodbye" to someone I never knew, but who shared a lot of times in my life.


  1. I wouldn't call myself a fan as such but I did like a lot of his songs, especially Purple Rain. I was sad to hear of his death though. It has been a bad year for losing well loved celebrities.

  2. I grew up in the 80's but was never a rock fan, but I knew who Prince was and it seems we are really losing a lot of iconic musician lately. (I was more into Michael Jackson when I was a Though I always say I grew up in the 80's but never knew much of the music cause my mom listened to oldies a lot (50's and 60's) and I learned to like that music. :)

    1. The oldies are great and in general, I listen to a bit of everything. My parents listened to country which I why I probably rebeled. Most of the music played in our house now is 70's, as it is some of our favorite, but Prince has always been a consistent carry over.

  3. Such a sad day yesterday was. I was a fanatic about Prince myself, also a gal of the '80s, so I know how sad you are. Huge loss for music lovers:(

  4. I agree, Barb, I was shocked and devastated when I heard the news :( From my early teens and up until now, there has always been a Prince song to capture my feelings. *hugs*
    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews