Thursday, April 26, 2018

Dread Nation Buddy Read Update

So Maria and I are cruising right along with our buddy read and I have to say, she seems pretty darn excited about reading a zombie book - who would have guessed.  I am also really enjoying the book and have to admit that I was worried because I know Stormi wasn't a HUGE fan and we usually like the same books.  I'm glad it's working out better for me than I anticipated.  Anyway, Maria and I have been exchanging some thoughts and questions so here's the latest!  WARNING:  This may contain SPOILERS so if you have't read the book and plan to, you might want to skip this post.

Maria:  I get the feeling that Jane's mother has mixed feelings about Jane. I wonder if she really does love her daughter. What do you think? If you agree, what evidence of this do you see in the story? If not, why do you feel that way?

Barb: I am also worried because it seems like Jane is always writing her mother but is not hearing back.  However, the way the book is arranged I don't know exactly how long this has been going on.  I do think her mother loves her because remember for years she hid Jane so she would not have to go to the academy and learn to fight off zombies.  I think that showed she wanted to keep Jane safe and with her.  Also, it would have been so easy to "give" Jane away when she was born and she didn't do so despite knowing she was bi-racial and would have to face hardship and difficulties.

Maria:  The character I hate the most so far is Miss Anderson. I wonder WHY she doesn't like Jane. Is it simply because Jane is not that good in etiquette, which is the subject Miss A. teaches? Or could there be something more?

Barb:  I can't stand that woman either!  I think it's because Miss Anderson knows Jane is  smarter and better skilled than she will ever be so she is super resentful.  However, there may be other reasons we have yet to discover.  

Maria:  Jane mentions that she goes out at night. And she has even saved some people from the "shamblers", too! I don't know how she can do that...... I would be PETRIFIED to go out at night, alone, in the country, with ZOMBIES around! Well, in any city, too, OF COURSE it would be dangerous for a woman to go out alone at night, even without zombies! But in Jane's case, she could come across a whole pack of zombies at night, and get killed. Do you think you'd be able to do what she did? I know I couldn't!

Barb:  I'd like to think so if I had to but not by choice.  I did take a gun safety class and have my permit and Mr. Barb and the instructor said I was an awesome shot so I think I could.  Also, if the zombies tried to mess with my family or my pups, I believe I could do whatever I needed!

Maria:  have very mixed feelings about Jackson. He seems to have mixed feelings about Jane himself. And, from the hints in the text, it seems they are former lovers. Jane, too, has mixed feelings about him. I wonder whether their relationship will change back to a romantic one, and whether Katherine will be involved, since she seems to like Jackson.

Barb:  I get the same impression.  I don't mind Jackson, but I kind of want Jane to meet someone new.  Also, I like Jackson and Katherine together and hope they become a couple.  She needs someone to bring her back down to Earth.

So there you have it.  Make sure to hop over to Maria's @ A Night's Dream of Books and check out her latest update!


  1. AH! I can't wait to read this one!!! Enjoy!

  2. Auch, I better not read this one then!

  3. I’m reviewing this book today on my blog. I was really interested in Jane’s relationship with her mother. I hope we see more of that in the next book.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

    1. I'm not even finished and I'm looking forward to the next one.

  4. Barb, I'm GREATLY enjoying this book, in spite of the horror elements! Lol. Jane McKeene is one of the VERY BEST female MCs I've EVER come across! She's the reason I'm enjoying this book so much! She is brave, resourceful, defiant, and super smart!! She keeps making the "whiteys" look bad! LOL. And she's an excellent role model for girls! How can I NOT love a character who constantly bucks the system? :) :)

    By this time, as I have read further into the book, I know why Jane hasn't been receiving letters from her momma. (Of course, you know why, too.) But you're right. I had forgotten those details you've mentioned here. Her mom DID hide her for years, so Jane wouldn't have to learn to fight zombies, and be safe. And yes, she didn't give Jane away at birth. What does bother me, though, is that Jane was mostly raised by Auntie Aggie, and not really by her own mother. Still, her mom could have easily and quietly gotten rid of her.

    I think you're also right about Miss Anderson. She IS jealous of Jane! I totally DETEST Miss A.!! The way she treats Jane is SO despicable! She needs a GOOD zombie scare!! LOL. As you say, though, there might be other reasons for her animosity toward Jane, and we just don't know them yet.

    WOW!! So you're a good shot? Great to know for our upcoming midnight zombie patrols! Lol. Of course, you KNOW I'm kidding! My legs would turn to water if I had to actually go out zombie hunting! :) :) But it's nice to know that you can handle a gun. I'll just hide behind you! Hee, hee!!

    I LOVE your suggestion that Jackson and Katherine would be a great couple! LOL. Yeah, he would DEFINITELY bring her back down to Earth!! :) :) It makes me sad, though, to know that he obviously broke Jane's heart.... So you're right again! She DOES need to meet someone new!

    Well, fellow buddy reader, I'm really looking forward to further revelations about what the HECK is going on with the mysterious disappearances. I'm also keen (pun intended!) on seeing Jane in action again, not only against the "shamblers", but also against the evil people who are unfair to the "darkies"!

    Thanks for sharing your GREAT insights!! HUGS TO YOU AND THE BOYS, AND WOOF, WOOF TO THEM!!! <3 <3 <3 :) :) :)

    P.S. I'm SO relieved that this book is not all that scary!! :) :) :)

    1. Maria, you really did pick a not so scary book for your first time into horror. I am glad you are liking it.

    2. Yeah, I figured it wouldn't be all that scary and gory! Lol. I love the book because of the other stuff the author has included in the story. I see it mostly as a very satirical take on racism. Plus, it's got a very strong feminist slant, as well. So yes, the zombies do take a back seat to these things, and I'm VERY happy about that! Lol.

    3. I'm starting to worry about Jackson.

  5. I did like this book but I think the reason I didn't enjoy it as much as I went into it thinking it was a zombie book as in blood guts and gore type horror when it is more about the politics of the alternate US and bits of zombie stuff thrown in and they where not even really detailed zombie bits. So I felt let down, but I do want to see where the story goes and you will see at the end why I was like there better be a sequel to this. :)

    1. I really think you're the reason this hasn't been a big disappointment to me - I didn't expect a lot of horror. That being said, you know there are quite a few people here I'm wishing dead.

  6. I'm so glad the book is working out for you both so far!

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum