Thursday, April 5, 2018

Prince and a Bulldog - I Can't Make This Stuff Up!

SO YES, APPARENTLY THIS IS A THING........are you curious, then read on.

TITLE: Taste of Wrath (Sin du Jour #7)
AUTHOR: Matt Wallace
PUBLISHING DATE: April 10, 2018


With seven books for seven sins, Taste of Wrath is the adrenaline-fuelled finalĂ© to the Sin du Jour series, which Chuck Wendig calls “a raucous, riotous tale of culinary madness”!

Bronko and his team of crack chefs and kitchen staff have been serving the New York supernatural community for decades. But all that could be about to change.

The entity formerly known as Allensworth has been manipulating Bronko and his team from Day One, and the gang at Sin du Jour have had enough.

Old debts are called in, and an alliance is formed with the unlikeliest of comrades.

Some will die. Some will descend. And some will rise.

MY THOUGHTS:  So honestly it's really hard to review the seventh book in a series without giving something away.  So let's just leave it as some will live and some will die and concentrate on what I loved about this final installment and the series overall.

I have to say that the Sin du Jour books will go down in history as one of my favorite series of all time.  I can't recall another recent series where I so eagerly anticipated each release and delved into each one so quickly after they were published.  Wallace created characters I loved and characters I hated and the darn thing is he made me care about what happened to them all!

Now this series is a tad odd to say the least.  But Wallace has truly honed his imagination chops and created a world where strange is awesome.  Only is this series could you find angel chicken nuggets, a demonic Santa Claus, Cupid, royal Goblins and other glorious creatures.  Perhaps one of my favorite of the series is "Lustlocked" where we are first introduced to the royal goblins, who basically have taken over Hollywood and all other creative markets.  Well, these entities once again make an appearance in "Taste of Wrath" as do some of the other previous characters.  In fact, we are introduced to the Council of Chris' who are covering the Goblin Council for a while and I'm pretty sure they consist of Chris Evans, Chris Pine, Chris Hemsworth and Chris Pratt - who is the new kid on the block.  

And finally, anyone who saw my recent tweets know that Matt Wallace secured a place in my heart because this book also contains an adorable grumpy bulldog named Lucky and Prince...even though he's not really named.  How fitting that I chose this as my first April read.  It's nice to know that my favorite musician/artist is still being remembered, even when I least expected it.  And yes, he rides a horse (just like the back of his second album!)

So if you haven't started the Sin du Jour series, do it - immediately!  If you haven't finished it, well, do that too.  While it's bittersweet that it's finally over, man did I enjoy the ride!



  1. It does sound odd but fun and what perfect timing for you!

    1. Yes, it was perfect. I'm going to miss this series so much.

  2. I'm so happy that these have stayed awesome for you! What a great way to end this series. :)

  3. I am glad it had a good ending as I know you loved this series. :)

  4. Whew. It's come to an end. I can't believe it. Though I am loving that it's ended on such a high!