Friday, April 27, 2018

You Think You've Got Problems - The Vampire Within Review

TITLE: The Vampire Within
AUTHOR: Laura Daleo
PUBLISHER: Story Bound Publishing
PUBLISHING DATE: March 16, 2018

FROM GOODREADS: Brandon Cass is not your average teenager. He has a taste for blood—human blood. For sixteen years, he stumbled through life without a hitch until the enigmatic aroma of blood awakened something dark within him. Visions of a beautiful young woman with chocolate brown hair and ocean blue eyes haunt his mind, yet her identity is a puzzling mystery. 
His hunger for blood strengthens, and the cravings become too powerful to control. No one is safe, not even his family. To safeguard all he once found dear, Brandon sets out on a quest for answers. In an unfamiliar city, he comes face-to-face with the beautiful young woman, confronts the dark force which controls him, and learns what he must endure to reclaim his soul. 

MY THOUGHTS: This book really starts out with the action. Brandon Cass (love that name!) is sitting in class when he suddenly gets a whiff of blood. After following Sam, a long-time crush outside after class, he ends up kissing her only to bite her tongue so he can taste her blood. Now maybe this is normal in a lot of vampire books but Brandon doesn't know that he's a vampire and the change in him happened overnight. Brandon starts on a quest to figure out why he is suddenly craving blood, why it makes him act so abnormal, and how he can return to an average high-schooler again.

I found "The Vampire Within" to be a fun and exciting read. Although the book might easily be interpreted as a romance, it isn't. It's more a book about family and friendship. Brandon, his new tutor, Rick (because who can go to school when you want to drink everyone?) and his sister Lindsey work hard to figure out what is happening to Brandon and more importantly, how to make it stop. I loved the bond between Brandon and his sister Lindsey. Yea, they annoyed the hell out of each other at times, but they also had each other's backs through it all. I also really enjoyed Rick. Rick was disabled when he was a teen for stupid behavior but he has made peace with his condition and really wants to help Brandon move past the trauma he is currently experiencing. 

This book has lots of action and there is a ancient vampire component which heavily influences the outcome of the book. If you are looking for an interesting vampire read, minus the romance, then this is definitely worth a consideration. 

I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.



  1. This sounds different from most vampire stories, and I like the idea of emphasizing family and friends over romance. Do you think the cover image looks a little like Edward Cullen?😁

  2. Now that you mention it, yes. I really liked the story but the cover was not my favorite. Even if it looks like Edward. I didn't like him either!

  3. I came across this recently. I'm glad you shared a review. I'm more curious about it now. With a teenage character, I was worried about a lot of romance or a love triangle.

    1. You're safe, no romance and no love triangle. Some relationships hinted at but that's it. AND the teenagers have parents.

  4. Oh this does sound pretty good. I like the sound of the family aspect. And I have been slacking on vampire books this year and was just thinking I need to read one soon lol. Maybe I'll try this one!