Monday, July 30, 2018

August 2018 Summer Comment Challenge Partner!

So last year was my first year participating in this great challenge and I met some wonderful bloggers who, a year later, I still follow on a regular basis.  I found this a great way to make some new blogging friends and knew I'd have to sign up again this year.  Hosted by Flylefand A Kernal of Nonsense, it runs June, July and August and you can sign up for one month or all three.  Basically you sign up and commit to posting comments to your blogging partner for the entire month.  You can chose the 5 comment category or the 10.  I went with the 10.  I'm super excited to announce my August partner - none other than Alicia herself!

I can't wait to visit her blog more often, although I try to check it out quite regularly anyways.