Wednesday, February 10, 2016

I'm Back - Even Though I Never Technically Left

Well, February has been a busy month so far and it doesn't look like it will get any easier in the near future.  Work and personal issues are taking their toll, but nothing to worry about.  Just not leaving much time for everything else.  If it wasn't for graphic novels, I don't think I would be getting anything accomplished.  Anyway, I thought it was time to play catch up and I wanted to mention a few things, so this post was born.

Don't forget this feature this month over at Stormi's blog Books, Movies, Reviews! Oh My!  She has already posted some great reviews and author interviews.  Also, in conjunction with this, I will be doing a review, interview and giveaway the week of February 22nd so keep your eyes open.

Also, I hope everyone who is participating in this challenge is having a blast.  I know this link-up is being posted a few days late but better late than never.

We just had another snowstorm Monday night and yesterday was a mess, so I hope you guys are having a better February than we are here at "The Farm." I will be doing some advance posts this week so hopefully I won't have a long hiatus again!


  1. Sounds like you are super busy. Hope it's all good stuff - or at least not bad stuff. Ugh on another snow storm. We were supposed to have this big "El Nino", super rainy winter and instead we're back to summer again. It's been over 80 degrees the last few days and very dry. It's nutty and I hate it. Although I'll take it over a big snowstorm!

  2. I have been extremely busy as well. It can be so hard to keep up with everything. I am so ready for all of this snow and winter to be over. I hope things calm down for you soon.