Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Big Rewind - A Must for Music and Mystery Lovers

TITLE: The Big Rewind
AUTHOR: Libby Cudmore
PUBLISHER: William Morrow Paperbacks
PUBLISHING DATE: February 2, 2016

FROM GOODREADS: Jett Bennett moved to New York to become a music journalist. What she found was a temp gig as a proofreader, but at least she’s fitting in with the artists and musicians in the tragically hip Brooklyn neighborhood she calls home.

But when Jett opens up her mail and finds a mix tape meant for her neighbor, KitKat, a local queen bee renowned for her “enhanced” baked goods and retro videogame collection, everything changes. Jett drops off the cassette and discovers that it’s game over for KitKat: someone bashed her head in with a rolling pin… and left her pot brownies burning in the oven.

KitKat’s boyfriend, Bronco, is M.I.A. Her sister is so desperate that she asks Jett to snoop around. Then there’s that mix tape. Jett didn’t know KitKat well, but she knows music. And a tape full of love songs from someone other than Bronco screams motive—sending Jett and her best friend, Sid, on an epic quest to find KitKat’s killer through record stores, strip joints, vegan bakeries, and basement nightclubs—a journey that resonates with Jett, and her past, in unexpected ways.

MY THOUGHTS:  This book started out a tad slow, but it definitely picked up a few chapters in and it turned out to be one I raced through much quicker than I originally thought when I first started. I have seen this book described a "hipsters meets cozy mystery" and I think that is probably a pretty accurate description.

The whole books is centered around the concept of "mix tapes" in one way or another. Jett's neighbor KitKat ends up dead right after Jett mistakenly receives KitKat's mail which includes a mix tape of breakup songs. KitKat's boyfriend is accused of the murder and Jett takes it upon herself to prove his innocence. There are some great characters in this book. It is actually quite sad that the reader never gets to actually meet KitKat as she sounds absolutely unique and positively quirky. Also, Jett's friend Sid is pretty much the perfect best friend - flawed and all. As Jett works on the mystery, she visits some boyfriends of her past through saved mix tapes of her own, and discovers what she really wants out of life.

Music plays such a pertinent part of this book and if you are a true fan, you will easily recognize many of the musical references. In addition, the mystery part of the book isn't half bad either, even if I did figure out who killed KitKat about 2/3 into the book. If you love mysteries or music, definitely consider picking this one up.

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review from the publisher and Edelweiss.



  1. I love mysteries and music. How did I miss this book? I had my own collection of mix tapes back in the day. I will have to look out for this book. Great review!

    1. I think the cover is really deceiving Carole. I didn't really know it was a mystery myself when I first requested it until I read the synopsis. I think you will like it and yes, mix tapes used to be so awesome!

  2. Based on the cover I would not have guessed it to be a mystery, but now I am a bit curious.

  3. This sounds really unique, Barb. I love music and that it plays such an integral part of the story. Mixed tapes? That brings back memories! *ha* I haven't read any cozies but I think I'd be willing to give this one a go. :D

    1. It's a good place to start with cozies because it is one, but it isn't a strong one if that makes sense. I am really glad I gave it a go.