Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Binge Watching - Why You Have to Watch Riverdale!

Do you spend hours in front of the TV, maybe days?  Did you ever want to chat with other Binge Watchers or ask people for suggestions or maybe just review the season you watched.  Stormi from Books, Movies, Reviews, Oh My! and Michelle from Because Reading had the perfect idea to create a bi-weekly meme to do just that. 

This week I'm sharing with you a TV series which Greg from Book Haven raved about and Stormi recently watched as well - Riverdale.

Riverdale is a teen drama which aired on the CW earlier this year.  It's based on the Archie comics but all I can say is this isn't the Archie comics I remember.  This Riverdale is much darker and more edgier.  When the season opens, there has been a murder in town of a very popular high school twin. The remainder of the season centers around the investigation and what happened with some very interesting side stories thrown in.  While somewhat creepy (in a tame way) the scariest thing to me about the show was the surviving twin.  I was pretty sure there might be an incest twist popping up somewhere the entire time I watched it.

I honestly can say the characters of Archie and Betty interested me the least, despite them being the main leads initially, but I LOVED LOVED LOVED Jughead, and was very taken with Veronica as well.

I never thought I would enjoy this show so much and all I know is now I can't wait for Season 2.  Riverdale is currently available for streaming on Netflix.


  1. I love Jughead too! And boy that ending can't wait for the next one.

  2. I keep hearing people talk about this show. I guess it's time to watch it already!

  3. I honestly thought the twincest thing was gonna happen too as they were selling it so hard! I mean talk about hints. :) Cheryl was awesome.

    I liked Jughead too, and Betty. Dark Betty was interesting! I wonder if we'll see more of that. Veronica's awesome too. Can't wait for S2!

  4. My niece LOVES that show (she's in her 30s... not a little kid...) But I've never seen it. I never know what sh'es talking about except that it's based on the Archie comics. She's always been really into those comics! In fact, she just fulfilled a big dream by contracting with the Archies folks to make special Betty and Veronica pins!

  5. I watch a lot of CW shows... like, pretty much all the superhero shows plus Supernatural, but for whatever reason I have not gotten into this one even though I keep hearing how good it is! I might just have to jump into it now that it's on Netflix!

    Happy watching!

    ~Liliana @ Lili Lost in a Book

  6. I tend to binge constantly and have Netflix going in the background while I work :) Just finished up Sherlock. I'd never heard of this one! I'll add it to my Netflix queue! Thanks for the heads up!

  7. Oooh. I've seen Greg and others talking about Riverdale, but I had no idea it was based on Archie. Wow. I will have to check it out once I finally make it through Game of Thrones. Only 4 seasons left to go! LOL.