Thursday, March 21, 2024

A Great Start to a New Series!


TITLE: Dark Roots (The Thornhill Vampire Chronicles #1)
AUTHOR: Lucius Valiant
PUBLISHER: Thornhill Publishing
PUBLISHING DATE: October 28, 2023
PAGES: 262  
SOURCE: Author

FROM GOODREADS: Harlan Thorne is a professional Hunter. When a solicitor approaches him on behalf of a client facing an unspecified vampire problem, he cannot turn away. But from the moment he steps into the imposing Thornhill Mansion, perched above the hallowed grounds of Highgate Cemetery West, reality itself begins to warp. Harlan soon finds himself swept up in a cyclone of long-held secrets, ancient vendettas, ghostly whispers, and a looming resurrection that demands blood - in abundance. As Harlan unravels the mysteries of Thornhill Mansion and its inhabitants, he unearths buried truths about his own lineage. The deeper he digs, the more he his fate is hopelessly entangled with the Thornhills’. 
“Dark Roots" is the debut novel from Danish-British author Lucius Valiant. Sumptuously dark with a wry twist of humor, it’s the first spine-tingling installment in the Thornhill Vampire Chronicles. 

MY THOUGHTS: Within the past six months or so, my love of all things vampire has really resurfaced.  For years I was obsessed with them, with my fascination of them starting the first time I watched Lost Boys. They sort of fell by the wayside, but it seems to me vampires are becoming popular again (I blame Twilight for their demise but don't get me started on that).  The only supernatural creature that comes close to vamps for me are werewolves and I'm so lucky this series contains both, making it the complete package.

Harlan is a professional hunter for the Van Helsing Society who has recently been suspended due to some trumped up allegations because the acting director of his agency has an ax to grind.  He ends up being approached to go investigate a vampire problem at the mysterious Thornhill mansion.  Harlan's parents were killed by vamps when he was young and he had always had issues with them but for some reason, he is drawn to take the job and check out the mansion. There Harlan meets Sebastian, a photographer also invited to the mansion who hopes to feature the Gothic location in a new book.  What unfolds makes Harlan and Sebastian question everything they know about their lives thus far and opens doors to a past they never suspected.

I loved Harlen.  He is a complicated character but very likable. He has a great relationship with Eli, the man who raised him, who also transforms into a werewolf several nights a month. Thus, Harlen has always maintained an open mind. He also has a sense of humor and wit which I really appreciate in my characters.  However, for some reason, Sebastian stole the show for me, perhaps because he reminded me of one of my best college pals.  The book did a great job of introducing other characters and creatures only making me more excited for the installments to come, while weaving in a mystery complete with action and adventure.

If you are looking for a Gothic tale and love supernatural stories, then I really suggest you pick this book up.  So far there are three books already released in the series and the author is working on the fourth.  I am excited to see what lies for the Thornhill Vampire Chronicles.


Also, make to visit Booker T's Farm tomorrow because I have a very special guest interview, Lucius Valiant himself!


  1. Great review! I could enjoy a paranormal mystery. oh it's free on Kindle right now so I grabbed it.

    Anne - Books of My Heart

  2. I love both Gothic tales and the supernatural! And this books sounds so good. Thanks for the recommendation. :D

  3. Looking foreward for the interview

  4. This sounds so good! Vampires are definitely making a comeback this year, it's exciting😁