Monday, March 4, 2024

Farm News - March 4, 2024


Man, it's been a couple of weeks.  I had every good intention of getting this up on Sunday morning but them Mr. Barb came down with the flu something awful so not a fun weekend overall (although I did get a lot of reading done somehow).  There have been some issues with my Stupid Uncle who has lost more brain cells the longer Grandpa has been gone, and the past three weeks at work have been odd to say the least.  But hopefully things are on the upswing.

The pups are doing fine.  Zeke continues to grow and is such a character.  He has become the family thief as he is always taking stuff he shouldn't and just walking away.  And I know I must say 10 times a day, "Zeke, what is in your mouth?"  The dog must have a death wish because the other day he was running around the backyard with scissors in his mouth (thank you Mr. Barb for leaving those within reach on the back porch).  Apollo loves his little brother and rarely needs time away from him, but we give him some time to time because Zeke has a way of wearing everyone out!

So on to the books!  A new month means new reads and here is what I am currently reading.  I've been reading Hunt on Dark Water for over a month.  It's not the books fault as I really enjoy it, but it's a book I tend to pick up in between other books.  It's library and I vow to finish it soon.  I almost read What Grows in the Dark in its entirety yesterday but have about 25% left so that should get finished tonight.  It's odd but I'm curious to find out how it ends.  And I think I'll grab the new Tessa Bailey, Fangirl Down, next.  

I recently grabbed a few books from Amazon for my Kindle when they were on sale.  I Killed a Werewolf for My Summer Vacation is supposed to be full of 80's nostalgia.  The Yacht is a locked-room murder mystery on sea which I think just sounds fun for a summer read - except it takes place on New Year's Eve. And finally, I've always been curious about Ghost Radio and none of my local libraries have a copy so when I saw it for $0.99 I couldn't pass it up.

And finally, I was approved for several ARCs through Netgalley.  As always, many thanks to the publishers.

Pardon My Frenchie - Farrah Rochon - 06/04/24

Daughter of the Merciful Deep - Leslye Penelope - 06/04/24

We Used to Live Here - Marcus Kliewer - 06/18/24

The Astrology House - Carinn Jade - 07/16/24

So I'm hoping everyone had a great week and thanks for visiting Booker T's Farm!


  1. Hope your husband is feeling better. Nice assortment of books. I'm adding too many review books to my stack and have to be more selective - but they all sound so good. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

  2. I hope your husband is feeling better now. You do have a nice looking assortment of books on your stack. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

  3. I'm glad to hear the pups are doing well and hope the rest of you will be better soon. I just finished WTZ Apocalypse and it's another 5 heart read. You have a few weeks to read it yet though. They are all really good so far.

    Anne - Books of My Heart This is my Sunday Post

  4. I hope things settle down for you in March.

  5. I'm sorry to hear Mr. Barb isn't feeling well. I hope he's better now. Your books all look good. Enjoy them and have a great week!

  6. Hope everyone feels better soon, and enjoy those books!

  7. I hope you an your husband have a better week this week. Being sick is no fun, so I hope he's feeling better! I know what you mean about those books we turn to in between other books feeling like they take a long time to get through. I am glad to hear you are enjoying Hunt on Dark Waters. So many of your new books appeal to me too. I hope you enjoy each and every one, Barb! Have a wonderful week and give the dogs cuddles from me.

  8. Zeke sounds a lot like Badger, lol. Badger ALWAYS has something in his mouth, and his new trick is he's big enough to "counter surf" in the kitchen and even grabs sponges and spatulas or whatever is within reach. Yes, we have learned to keep everything in the back, ha ha. I also got a copy of We Used to Live Here, I can't wait to start it!