Monday, July 28, 2014


     Hey guys, it's me Booker T!  It has been FUREVER since Mom helped me post but so much has happened. She explained to me she wants to give this blogging thing a second try as her first attempt was such an epic fail.  She also told me that she wants to share my blog so she can do some random book related and some other posts since she has been reading more in the past few years and since I need her help maneuvering the keyboard, I figured it was the least I could do.

     I must update you on the farm.  So far, there have been minimal zombie sightings.  I think I finally have this area covered and with the help of my various farm (stuffed) animals, we have a security system that works.  In much sadder news, we lost my dear brother Cooper in April of 2013.  It was devastating for all of us as he was such a big part of all of our hearts.  My brother Barkley is now 15 1/2 and while his health is diminishing, he is still around barking out orders from his watchtower (aka - his favorite old chair).  And last but not least, Dad bought Mom a new puppy for her birthday this year.  He knew how much she was missing Cooper, and her father, who passed a year ago this month, that in January, we welcomed the newest pup into the household.  And can I just say, things have not been the same.  Let me introduce Cassius Cee.  

He is now 8 months old and never lets any of us forget he is the baby.  He doesn't quite understand that Dad is MINE, and I am still learning to share.  However, he is kind of fun to play with and have around.  Plus it means an extra birthday celebration, thus more snacks and toys, each year.
     Well that is about it for the update - Booker T.

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