Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Top 10 Tuesday - Books Recently Added to TBR

The Top 10 weekly meme is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish and can be found here.   Each week they focus on lists which cover various topics related to books and reading.  I have been doing these for several weeks now and found that I enjoy it and love seeing what others have on their lists.  This week we are looking at the books recently added to my TBR - this isn't hard as I am always adding books I see on other sites so I don't forget about them.  These are in no order and I am sure there are many more.

1.  Lawyer for the Dog: Lee Robinson.  This cover caught my eye and the story sounds interesting.  It is about a sharp lawyer from South Carolina who finds herself appointed as Sherman the dog's attorney during a messy divorce.

 2.  Silver on the Road: Laura Anne Gilman.  I recently saw this one and it is about a 16 year old who ends up working for the "devil" in Mississippi.  Too bad it doesn't come out until September.  But when it does, it will go straight on the pile.

3.  I, Ripper - A Novel: Stephen Hunter.  I love this cover and the book promises to take you into the mind of Jack the Ripper.  Sounds so intriguing and I just have to get my hands on it.

4.  Marrow: Tarryn Fisher.  "In the Bone there is a house.   In the house there is a girl.  In the girl there is a darkness."  Yep, sounds like a possible winner to me.  

5.  A Robot in the Garden: Deborah Install.  "A story of the greatest friendship ever assembled."  I have heard some good things about this book and it was recently released so I can't wait to start it.

6. Reluctantly Charmed: Ellie O'Neill.  What's a list without a witchy book on it?  

7. London Falling: Paul Cornell.  I love books set in the London area and recently saw this on someone's haul and when found out my library carries a copy, saw no reason not to at least try it.  It is about supernatural beings and the occult.  

8. No One Gets Out Alive: Adam Nevill.  This one comes out this month.  It is classified as paranormal horror so that works for me!

9.  Something Red: Douglas Nicholas.  I have seen this on a few blogs lately because I think the final book in the trilogy is due out soon.  I am not completely sure what it is about, but I love that cover and want to give it a try.

10.  Heap House: Edward Carey.  I have seen this described as "
Dark, gothic and very Tim Burton-esque" by a Booktuber I trust and I do love me some gothic!

So have you read any of these?  I am scared to see how many get added to my list through looking at other's Top 10 List this week.  Have a great reading week!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Stacking the Shelves (9)

Stacking The Shelves is all about sharing the books you are adding to your shelves, may it be physical or virtual. This means you can include books you buy in physical store or online, books you borrow from friends or the library, review books, gifts and of course ebooks!  The original meme was started over at Tynga's Reviews.  This week consisted mainly of some netgalley books ( a few were "read now" but I wanted to add them here anyway, and my purchases/free books from Amazon.

First up I will highlight the Netgalley books and I might add there are some beautiful covers this week!

Sunshine Girl Dead Lands Cold Burn of Magic Hidden Huntress
Beastly Blood and Bone Fangirl Galaxy Nowhere Emporium

The Haunting of Sunshine Girl: Paige McKenzie - Released March 24, 2015 - Thanks to Weinstein books and I hope to get to this one this weekend.
The Dead Lands: Benjamin Percy - This is described as a reimagining of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.  Releases April 14, 2015.  Thanks to Grand Central Publishing for this one.
Cold Burn of Magic (Black Blade #1): Jennifer Estep - This is the first in a new series and I have read some of Estep's stuff so I am looking forward to it.  Releases May 8, 2015.  Thanks to Kensington Books!  Also, I really love this cover.
Hidden Huntress (The Malediction  Trilogy #2): Danielle L. Jensen - Stolen Songbird was such a hit last year and I am so grateful to Angry Robot for a copy of this.  Releases June 2, 2015.
Beastly Bones (Jackaby #2): William Ritter -  Surprised I snagged an ARC of this.  Releases September 22, 2015.  Thanks Algonquin Books! 
Blood and Bone: Tara Brown - I couldn't resist this cover.  The Goodreads description says "This is not a romance.  This is a ride."  Count me in.  Releases April 28, 2015.  Thanks Amazon Publishing.
The Fangirl's Guide to the Galaxy: Sam Maggs.  Releases May 12, 2015.  Thanks to Quirk Books.
The Nowhere Emporium: Ross Mackenzie - This has been getting some good reviews so I look forward to reading it. Releases May 18, 2015.  Thanks Floris Books!

And here is some digital books from Amazon:

The Cure Hell is Coming Dragons
Dog Crazy Brew Play Dead

The Cure: Stephanie Erickson, Hell is Coming (The Watcher's #1) : N.P. Martin and When We Were Dragons: Brandon Berntson are freebies I pretty much grabbed because of their covers - although they don't sound too bad.
I purchased Dog Crazy: Meg Donahue (look at the cute pups), Brew (Salem's Revenge #1) :David Estes (Chucklesthescot made me do it) and Play Dead: Anne Frasier.  

All I can say is at least I didn't bring any physical copies of books into the house - haha. You have to be grateful for the small things. I also am reading much more this year than last so I am using that as an excuse and sticking to it.

What did you get this week. Leave a comment/link so I can check out your stacks.

A Quick Friday Reads

Just wanted to do a quick post sharing what I plan to read this weekend. I have some things I have to get done at home after work today, but I am hoping to squeeze in some quality reading time. You can click on the pics to take you to the Goodreads descriptions.


There Will Be Lies - Nick Lake

Only have about 100 pages to go so maybe I can finish this tonight.  Still not quite sure what I think about it, but at least it has made it out of the DNF category.

 The Haunting of Sunshine Girl - Paige McKenzie

I need to get started on this so I can post a review. 

Hope you have a great reading weekend!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Woodstock anyone? Spirit Me Away Review

TITLE: Spirit Me Away (A Gus LeGarde Mystery #8)
AUTHOR: Aaron Paul Lazar
PUBLISHER: Aaron Paul Lazar
PUBLISHING DATE: May 8, 2014 (out now)

FROM GOODREADS: Boston, Massachusetts: It’s the summer of ’69—the parks are flooded with flower children and a hot new band called Led Zeppelin is set to appear at the Boston Tea Party. But for one newlywed couple just beginning their lives together, there will be no peace.

In the cradle of sex, drugs, and rock ’n roll, Gus and Elsbeth LeGarde are music students attending the New England Conservatory of Music, after a wedding kept secret from their families. When they discover a bruised and sobbing teenage girl on the Boston Commons who can’t remember who she is, or how she got there, the couple decides to “adopt” her to help find her identity.

But Gus and Elsbeth aren’t prepared to be plunged into a violent world of rape, abuse, and a ring of white slave traders who’ll stop at nothing to take back their property—or to acquire new flesh in the form of Gus’s beautiful young bride.

At times nostalgic, heart-stopping, and breathlessly dramatic, Spirit Me Away is a thrilling romantic mystery set against the colorful backdrop of the sixties—with an unforgettable conclusion at the greatest rock festival of all time. 

This book was provided to me in exchange for an honest review. I admit, I initially wanted to read this book because it mentioned music and had a peace sign on the cover (and can I add that is a beautiful cover, even if I normally don't like faces on the front of books). Then I learned this was #8 in the series and feared I would be forever lost. However for some reason, the definitely wasn't the case.

I really enjoyed reading about Gus, Elsbeth and the gang. I became truly invested in many of the characters. Of course, it didn't hurt that there was plenty of mention of music, including the Stones, Led Zepplin and the Beatles. The mystery was tightly woven with several twists and turns. Since the book takes place in 1969, there are also lots of references to the hippie scene, and the evolving times of that era, as well as Woodstock. Two prominent characters are Vietnam Vets and it was nice how Lazar paid homage to the men who valiantly fought in such a disturbing war.

There is very little I didn't like about the book. I felt the ending was one where everything was tied up in a nice, neat package. Although that often disturbs me, by the end I was honestly invested in what happened to this "family" of characters and didn't mind seeing them have their happy endings.

If you like mysteries, music and the late 60's/early 70's - pick this book up. I doubt you will regret it. Please be aware that this book does deal with some series topics such as drug use, rape and white market slavery although it is pertinent to the story and not graphic in nature.


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Top 5 Wednesday - Worst Series Enders

Top 5 Wednesday was created by Gingereadslainey on booktube and can also be found on goodreads.  The link is located HERE.  This week we are looking at worst series enders.  Unfortunately, I have not finished a lot of the series I am reading so I am tweaking things just a bit.


A Bewitching Mystery series: Madelyn Alt - Although I enjoyed these books, I am including this because the last book never came.  Seriously, it has had an anticipated release date for 3 years and counting.  The next book even had a name and a cover.  What happens to this series seems to have remained a mystery.  That alone is enough for it to make my list.  There are currently, and I guess forever, 7 books in this series.

Black Swan Rising Trilogy: Lee Carroll - I read all three of these books despite the fact they kept getting worse as they progressed.  I was determined to finish the trilogy and I really don't know why.  Anyway, I barely made it through the last book and by the time I did, I didn't care what happened.

Twilight Series: Stephanie Meyer - I know people love this series.  And I will admit, I devoured it years ago and thought it was OK.  To be honest, Bella constantly got on my nerves.  I never could figure out when Jacob or Edward either one wanted her.  I can find lots of fault with this book and remembering having a debate about Bella being a whiny, dependent brat.  Sorry if I offended anyone, but I hated the way this book ended.  Although my preferred ending would have led to a lot more deaths. 


Sookie Stackhouse Series: Charlaine Harris - These books started off so great.  But then there were so many of them.  And as they went on, I feel they got worse.  I have read all but the last 3 and while I am sure I will finish them someday, I almost no longer care about the characters anymore and am sure no matter what the ending is, I will be disappointed.  Did I say this series went on, and on, and on?  Thought so.

The Divergent Trilogy: Veronica Roth - Ok, so I haven't finished this.  Even after my husband scoured the city for the box set for me for Christmas 2 years ago.  I have managed to avoid spoilers, but have pretty much figured out something major happens - major as in, goodbye.  And a part of me thinks I might be OK if that happens.  And then I will be in the minority of people who loved the ending.  Too much drama for me right now so I will quietly read it someday and then mark it off the to-do list. 

So here is my list.  Amazingly enough, the last 2 I mentioned are on my finishing goals for 2015.  We will see.  What made your list?

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Top 10 Tuesday - Books From My Childhood

The Top 10 weekly meme is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.   Each week they focus on lists which cover various topics related to books and reading. This week we are looking at the top 10 books from my childhood.  I have divided it up into 2 groups - Childhood and Teen, just because it made it easier for me. 

 1.  Winnie-the-Pooh: A. A. Milne - I loved anything related to Pooh and his friends growing up.  In fact, I still have the handmade stuffed Pooh my grandmother made when I was 10.  She was a great seamstress and made several of the characters and because my Uncle, who was I think 13 at the time, put on the facial pieces for her, I probably had the only smiling Eeyore!

(He had no clue what he was doing)

2.  Little House on the Prairie: Laura Ingalls Wilder - Another favorite series of mine and I remember getting the box set for Christmas one year.  I wish I still had it.

3. The Black Stallion: Walter Farley - I loved horses and this tale was one of my favorites.

4.  The Wind in the Willows: Kenneth Grahame - I loved animals as a child and still do to this day so this one was a natural for me.

5.  Bunnicula: Deborah and James Howe - Come on, a vampire bunny.  Anyone who knows me knows this tale was right up my alley.

Now for my top 5 faves from my teenage years.  Brace yourself, because I was reading some pretty crazy stuff for a young teen.

1.  The Shining: Stephen King - I remember sitting in the back of the room of my 8th grade history class with this book inside my history book reading.  My teacher never did catch on - the benefits of being a good student.  This started my love of King.

2.  Flowers in the Attic: V. C. Andrews - Boy this cover brings back memories.  It was so taboo to read this book back then I just had to do so.

3.  Interview with the Vampire: Anne Rice - Need I say anything?  Thank heavens I didn't know Lestat would eventually be played by Tom Cruise when I read it.

4. Valley of the Dolls: Jacqueline Susann - Don't know why I picked this up, but I did and it wasn't a bad read when I was in high school.   I think I was spending the week with my friend at her Grandmother's house and found this when I got bored one day.

5.  The Amityville Horror: Jay Anson - This story scared the crap out of me when I was a kid.  Looking back, no wonder I love horror/paranormal stuff so much.

I know, I know, quite the odd list.  What made yours?  Leave me a link so I can check it out.