Friday, March 6, 2015

March 2015 TBR

I am still not sure about this TBR thing.  I like planning what books I need to read, but I am also somewhat of a spontaneous reader.  I actually read 5 of 9 that were on my list last month which wasn't bad, but I added 4 that weren't on the list.  So I have decided from now I will call it my TBRP (To Be Read Possibilities).  It outlines what I would like to accomplish, but also doesn't tie me down to anything.  I haven't hauled some of these as I just got them from the today.

Hold Tight Forever Girl Spirit Me Away The Deep
Future Falls Housewitch Supernatural Tank Girl 2
Giant George He's Gone There Will Be Lies Monsters

Hopefully clicking on the book with take you to the goodreads summary. I know this is very ambitious and I won't get them all done. It would be awesome if I did. What are you planning on reading this month?


  1. I'm very much a mood reader as well. I got into a horror mood about a week ago and that made March into my horror month. So I'm going to see how many monsters I can deal with! Next month might be a dystopian month...and I think I'll pick a loose theme for each month during the year-but still giving myself room for choice. When I get too restrictive, I rebel against myself!

  2. I love all the horror you have been reading and posting about. The only bad thing is it makes my TBR grow!