Thursday, March 19, 2015

Winter has gone! (or at least we hope)

It's me, Booker T, and I thought I would do a quick post to update you on me and my crazy brother Cass.  All is fine here at the farm but about 2 weeks ago, we had the craziest snowstorm and ended up with about 13 inches.  The electric went out and everyone was snowbound for 2 days.  Mom kept saying "At least we are not in Boston"....whatever that means.

Cassius and I went out and played some.  It was our first real snow play of the year - most of the others came with COLD COLD temperatures and the parents said it was too cold for us.  Being the OLDER brother, I am smart and I agreed with them, but that pup just doesn't know better and would have been out in it if he could have escaped.

Enjoy the photos - they aren't too good as mom never has the good camera charged when I need it!
This was our backyard and I am surprised more branches didn't fall.  All Cass needs is a good thump to the head.
Cass running and romping.  He was soaked when he finished.  I observed from the porch - see the "I am smarter" comment from above.
See, I wait until Dad shovels and THEN I venture our further.  It was kind of fun, but don't tell.

Here's hoping we have seen the last of the snow stuff!!!!!

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