Wednesday, December 5, 2018

November's Down For the Count

So I actually surprised myself when I went back and looked at what I accomplished in November.  I actually did feel like I got that much read but to my surprise, I managed to read 9 things.  Not too shabby considering everything life threw at me (ie - accident, health issues and a kitchen remodel).  So on to the books!

Red Herring Hunt (Mystery Bookshop #2): V.M. Burns 3/5
Mutts & Mistletoe: Natalie Cox 4/5
We Sold Our Souls: Grady Hendrix 4/5
Night Shift: Robin Triggs 5/5
Saga Vol. 9: Brian K. Vaughan & Fiona Staples 5/5
Broken Things: Lauren Oliver 2/5
Shore: Enrique Rosado 3/5
A Midwinter's Tail (Lucky Paws Mystery #3) 5/5
One Day in December: Josie Silver 3/5

So a good collection of ratings.  My least favorite read was "Broken Things" and my review should be up later this week.  My favorite reads were "Night Shift" and "A Midwinter's Tail."  "Saga Vol. 9" was good too but much too shocking. 


  1. Nice batch of reads. I'm getting ready to start Night Shift. I'm encouraged by your high rating!

  2. That's too bad about Broken Things - I've seen so many good reviews for it.

  3. We sold Our Souls is on my ereader-maybe I'll get to it next year!

  4. Congrats on reading 9 things. That’s better than I did. I hope you have a great December.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  5. you did awesome indeed! Proud of you Barb! Hope December is a better month for you! KITCHEN PICS PLEASE! :)

  6. Nine books is what I call a great reading month. Hope December goes well too.
    Lynn :D

  7. It looks like you had a great reading month!