Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Can't Wait Wednesday (289)


Can't Wait Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted at Wishful Endings to spotlight highly anticipated books.  It is based on the Waiting on Wednesday meme which used to be hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine.

FROM GOODREADS:  Tess Matheson only wants three things: time to practice her cello, for her sister to be happy, and for everyone else to leave her alone.

Instead, Tess finds herself working all summer at her boarding school library, shelving books and dealing with the intolerable patrons. The worst of them is Eliot Birch: snide, privileged, and constantly requesting forbidden grimoires. After a bargain with Eliot leads to the discovery of an ancient book in the library's grimoire collection, the pair accidentally unleash a book-bound demon.

The demon will stop at nothing to stay free, manipulating ink to threaten those Tess loves and dismantling Eliot’s strange magic. Tess is plagued by terrible dreams of the devil and haunting memories of a boy who wears Eliot's face. All she knows is to stay free, the demon needs her... and he'll have her, dead or alive.

WHY I CAN'T WAIT:  This one has boarding schools, ancient books and a book-bound demon.  There seems to be quite a bit of YA horror around lately so hey, I might as well give this one a chance!


There are some things in life that only a dog can teach you.

A poignant, heart-wrenching, but ultimately uplifting novel about the unbreakable bond between a boy and his dog. Perfect for fans of A Dog’s PurposeThe Art of Racing in the Rain and Marley and Me.

In the farming town of Riverside in Washington, Toby Fuller is feeling more alone than ever. Nothing Toby did was ever good enough for his father, but he never expected his father to leave, to abandon him and his mother forever. He loses hope, until a scruffy golden retriever called Buddy follows him home from school.

Though he’s struggling to walk, Buddy matches Toby step for step, never taking his eyes off him, as if Toby is all he needs in the world. And from that day on Buddy never leaves Toby’s side.

Buddy shows Toby a loyalty that he has never known. But then disaster strikes and Toby’s life is changed forever. Will Buddy be able to give Toby the strength he needs to carry on?

A tale of how unconditional love can bound into your life when you least expect it, giving you hope in the darkest of times.

WHY CASSIUS CAN'T WAIT:  I love Mom and Dad so much and I can't wait to see how much Buddy loves Toby.


  1. Boarding school settings are always fun!

  2. These both sound good! I'm very interested in Devil Makes Three, it sounds like it has potential 😁

  3. Oooh! I love the cover of The Devil makes Three! Great picks!

    Here’s my WoW!

    Ronyell @ Rabbit Ears Book Blog

  4. I love the cover of The Devil Makes Three. Hopefully you will enjoy your picks. Thank you for sharing.

  5. The first one sounds good, and I think this is the first I've heard of it! Hope you get it soon!
    Lisa Loves Literature

  6. I'm always intrigued by books set in boarding schools, especially if there's ancient books and the supernatural involved, too. :D

  7. Ooh, I'm all for boarding school/prep school books! And a horror with demons too? GIMME :D

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

  8. The Devil makes Three won me over at ‘book bound demon’! Love that premise! buddy and Toby on the other hand are just ❤️

  9. Dogs can teach us a lot about love, devotion and loyalty, that's for sure!

  10. I do love the description for the Devil Makes Three.
    Will keep an eye out for that one.
    Lynn :D

  11. A book-bound demon! I'm in! A Dog's Hope sounds a good one too! I hope you enjoy both, Barb, when you read them. Have a great week!

  12. Sorry, Cass... Marley and Me destroyed me; that's why I never read any of those other books. I don't know about this one. I think I'll let your mom be the guinea pig and read it first. 🐾