Thursday, October 8, 2020

Boo-cause Reading's Spooktacular - Vampires!


When I was a young kid, I always considered vampires my favorite supernatural creature.  I remember watching old Chiller movies with my dad late Saturday nights after my mom went to bed and I always hoped it was a vampire feature.  As I got older, I realized how many scary, supernatural beings really existed and for a while, when vampires became more glamorous and dare I say sparkly, I moved more toward werewolves.  However, vampires are making a comeback and I love the nasty, gritty ones so today I want to share some of my favorite vampire books and a few lesser known movies.

I LOVED LOVED LOVED Certain Dark Things by Silvia Moreno-Garcia. This book pretty much has it all - gritty, mean and nasty vampires, drug lords, Mexican/Hispanic heritage, good cops and bad cops (and some who are both) and one of the most bad ass dogs I've ever ran across in a book in a LONG time.  He has tattoos which glow! If you haven't read this one, you need to do so.

Another favorite is Christopher Buehlman's The Suicide Motor Club.  This was another 5/5 read for me and another dark vampire tale.  Luther Nixon is one of the baddest villains I have encountered in some time. This man is mean and this book is not for the faint of heart or those easily turned off by violence and language. However, if you love horror, it is definitely worth the read. 

And finally, how could I not mention Salem's Lot.  I've read this book twice and while I do feel it dragged in places, these vampires mean business.  Any vampire fan would be amiss to not read this one. 

As I mentioned, I'm also a huge fan of vampire movies.  A
gain, the darker and the meaner the better if you ask me.  As a teen, of course I feel in love with The Lost Boys.

I also love this late 80s movie and Bill Paxton is awesome in it.  In fact, we just rewatched it last week.  

Finally, I have to mention what I will call THE TWILIGHT DISCLAIMER.  I do tend to make fun of sparkly vampires here at The Farm but  yes, I read the books religiously when they came out and they did reignite my love of reading.  However, I was ALWAYS Team Jacob.  So I'm not slamming any Twilight fans in anyway whatsoever.

Also, I must mention that for a while, Tom Cruise ruined vampire movies for me.  In no way did I find this one bit attractive OR menacing.

Who are your favorite book and movie vampires???? And make sure to check out the Because Reading is Better than Real Life.  It has some great Halloween graphics this year.


  1. I have always had a soft spot for vampires😁 I'm glad you mentioned two of my favorite books, Certain Dark Things and The Suicide Motor Club😁

  2. So I have only read one of your book choices, Salem's Lot and Not ever heard of Near Dark but remember you saying you just watched it again. It's been forever since I seen Lost Boys and I have to agree about Tom

  3. I liked Salems of my favourite King books.I have the Lost Boys novel on my ever growing TBR and I did like Twilight at the time. I do think I'd find it too boring and angsty to read again though!

  4. Ok you've added to my tbr list! I definitely need to read Certain Dark Things, never even heard of it before!

    I know, I make fun of twilight's sparkly vampire too 😂. But I loved the books just the same. But they hardly count as vampires, right?

  5. My favorite book vampire is Lenny the stuttering, electric blanket loving, Physics teacher from The Medium by M.R. Graham, and my favorite vampire movie is probably Let the Right One In; the US version. I've seen both versions and it's one of the few times I liked an American version better than the foreign version. 🎃