Sunday, December 6, 2020

Random Things Tours - Rise of One


TITLE: Rise of One
AUTHOR: Dixon Reuel
PUBLISHER: Thunderbolt Press
PUBLISHING DATE: December 2020


When a zombie apocalypse ravages the world, vampire Rise rescues human survivors to feed his coven. 
But apocalypse survivors are not the type to be merely food. Nor could they ever befriend the coven’s lone human, the beautiful and pampered Cypriot. 
When Warwolves, an ancient order of vampire hunters, infiltrate the rescued survivors, Rise realises the danger he brought upon his coven. Rise resolves to purge all threats to his vampire race as the world, although decimated, might be ripe for rule. 
Rise could set history on a new path, with the rise of one individual.  

When I agreed to do this tour, I knew I'd be reading some light holiday reads during December but also still wanted to stay somewhat true to my dark and twisty roots.  What I got was a novel that did just that but when also provided a wonderful character-driven book as well - something I love.  

The book is set in a post-apocalyptic world filled with zombies, vampires and a unique form of vampire hunters called Warwolves.  Rise is one of the leaders of the vampire coven and he is doing his best to save his race.  Throw in a lone human named Cyproit who was a very interesting character in and of herself.  This book has plenty of action and Rise is faced with some real dilemmas during the course of the novel.  

This book was just what I needed at the right time - right after Thanksgiving when Hallmark movies run rampant.  Reuel has created a unique and rather dark world and I look forward to the rest of the series.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Irish award-winning writer, Dixon Reuel is the author of her debut Post-Apocalyptic Paranormal novel, Rise of One.

Dixon lives and writes out of her home base in Dublin, and holds a First in History & Early Irish Studies and another First in Creative Writing. She is a lifelong nerd and devoted hobbyist of cosplay, video games, and other surely worthwhile pursuits.

Dixon cannot stand monkeys or phone calls, and to receive a phone call from King Kong would definitely be her greatest fear.


  1. Thanks so much for the blog tour support x

  2. Sounds like a good antidote to Hallmark Christmas movies for sure!

    1. Yep and I can only take so many sappy movies.

  3. Ok this is definitely an antidote to the hallmark stuff!

  4. Zombies and vampires? Interesting. I have been watching so many bad Hallmark movies. I should probably take a post-apocalyptic break, too!

  5. Yes I'd rather have vampires than soppy holiday lurve and goodwill to all men!

  6. Sounds like a very intriguing mix. Will have to keep an eye out for this one.
    Lynn :D