Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Flame Tree Press Tour - Screams From the Void


TITLE: Screams From the Void
AUTHOR: Anne Tibbets
PUBLISHER: Flame Tree Press
PAGES: 256

For two years in deep space, the freighter Demeter and a small crew have collected botanical life from other planets. It's a lesson in patience and hell. Mechanics Ensign Reina is ready to jump ship, if only because her abusive ex is also aboard, as well as her overbearing boss. It's only after a foreign biological creature sneaks aboard and wreaks havoc on the ship and crew that Reina must find her grit - and maybe create a gadget or two - to survive...that is, if the crew members don't lose their sanity and turn on each other in the process.

MY THOUGHTS:  I absolutely loved this book!  In reading the author's notes, it took a while for this book to get picked up and I do believe Flame Tree Press did the right thing when they decided to publish it.  The action in the book takes off right from the start.  The reader is transported aboard the Demeter and early on, we learn there is a foreign biological creature on the loose which no one knows about.   The ship's Captain does finally manage to hit the Yellow Alert, but by the time the remainder of the crew learns something horrible has happened, the death toll is already quickly rising.  

There are only a few characters on board but I fell in love with quite a few. Raina, the mechanic, is the main protagonist and not only is she trying to escape the creature, she is also trying to make sure her abusive ex doesn't kill her in the process.  Why oh why would you date someone you are with for two years in outer space?  I also loved Tamsin, the innocent gal who is one of Raina's best pals and Chief Officer Pollux was a treat as well.

This book has plenty of action and a kick-ass female cast.  There are a few jerks here and there but that made seeing what eventually happened to them all that more intriguing.  I have discovered that I really enjoy space horror and this may every well end up on a favorite's list at the end of the year.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Former TV writer Anne Tibbets is author of The Line Book One and Two: CARRIER and WALLED,and co-authored the first book of the sci-fi series EXTINCTION BIOME: INVASION,and authored the second, EXTINCTION BIOME: DISPERSAL, both as Addison Gunn. When Anne isn’t writing she’s a
Literary Agent.