Tuesday, November 2, 2021

2 Bloggers 1 Book - Faithless


YES!  I am still alive.  I'm so sorry to have went radio-silence on everyone but life kind of kicked my butt.  I am planning on a revamp and glorious return (well at least in my opinion) with the new year.  Just know that the family and pups are fine and I am still reading, but sort of just enjoying a hiatus and grabbing whatever my mood tells me. However, Stormi and I are still doing lots of reads together and we both couldn't wait to get our hands on the new Hunter Shea book.  So read on for my thoughts and then hop over to Stormi's @ @ Books, Movies, Reviews! Oh My! and read her review.

TITLE: Faithless
AUTHOR: Hunter Shea
PUBLISHER: Flame Tree Press
PUBLISHING DATE: October 26, 2021
PAGES: 256
SOURCE: Own Library

FROM GOODREADS: How do you survive hearing your family being brutally murdered over the phone? For Father Raul Figeuroa, all faith and hope are lost. Turning away from the priesthood behind, he retreats to his aunt's empty farmhouse in upstate New York, hoping to drink himself to oblivion. But he's not alone in the house. Something is trying to reach out to him. Or is he losing his grip on reality? When his childhood friend Felix comes to visit, things take a darker turn. The deeper they dig into the mystery, the closer they get to hell literally breaking loose.

MY THOUGHTS: I have to admit that in the beginning, I was starting to question if I would love this book as much as I hoped but in the end, Shea pulled and it and I can definitely put it on a "must recommend" list.  Especially for fans of movies like "The Exorcist."

Father Raul Figeuroa is on his way home one rainy night and speaking to his wife on the cell.  Suddenly he hears a commotion at the home and surmises that someone has broken into the residence.  Second by second he hears the brutal slaughter of his family with him only 5 miles from the residence.  What happens make Raul question all of his faith and life's work so he retreats to his Aunt Ida's rustic farm to contemplate what his life holds next and basically drink himself into a drunken stupor everyday.  He is befriended by a cat he names Bruiser - who I love by the way.  When Raul has finally hit bottom, his friend Felix shows up and offers to try to do what the police can't - find justice for Raul and his family.

Let me say this book kind of starts out slow and there is a hint of the unreliable narrator trope which rarely works for me.  But about 60%, this book takes a HUGE turn and at that point, I couldn't flip the pages fast enough.  Raul was a likable character and while Shea really drives the point home that the character has lost all hope, it's easy to understand why he is at that point.  And as  I eluded, Shea made me love a cat - don't tell my boys!

If you don't mind a slow introduction, then definitely pick up this latest horror release.  The ending was great and I'm still a huge fan on the Shea bandwagon (and is it scary that sentence just made me think of Annie Wilkes?)  

A minor note:  I do think this book needed better editing in a few places.  One one page Aunt Ida goes from not reading much except Reader's Digest to having a huge reading haven upstairs of rescued books.  And on another, Bruiser is in too places at once.  These were minor things and had this not been a buddy read where Stormi and I were discussing it on a regular basis, I might not even have caught them.  I'll still consider reading anything Flame Tree releases though.



  1. Glad to know you're still alive and doing well! :D

  2. Welcome back, Barb! I'm glad to hear you've been well, if very busy! Awesome review of Hunter Shea, I really need to check out his stuff sometime!

  3. I've been worried about you, Barb! Glad everything is OK. This definitely sounds like a book I'd enjoy, even with a slow beginning.

  4. We shall agree to disagree on Raul being a likeable character...lol. :) I am glad we did another Shea buddy read even if you liked it more than me. :)

  5. It is a shame that those mistakes weren't caught before the book was sent out. When I notice things like that, it takes me out of a story. I am glad that the ending made it worth hanging in through the slower start.

  6. I can't wait to dive into this one!!