Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Waiting on Wednesday (76) - Booker T and Cassius Confiscate the Computer!

"Waiting on" Wednesday" is weekly meme hosted over at Breaking the Spine which spotlights upcoming anticipated releases. 

HI GUYS!  Mom's been so busy we were FINALLY able to grab the computer from her and schedule this post before she found out.  It's been a while since we got to show you what books WE are waiting for Mom to add to her shelves (or at least ones we think she should add).  We've really missed you guys so here we go!

October 20, 2016

Bertie is alone, devastated after his beloved sister and fellow beagle Molly is adopted, leaving him behind. When Bertie is taken in by the Green family, it seems he's finally found a place to call home...
Yet Bertie swiftly realises that the kind and loving Green family is in crisis. After a tragedy two years ago, they've never recovered - and as Christmas approaches, grief is pulling them apart.
Never has a four-legged friend been more in need - and brave, warm-hearted Bertie must rise to the challenge. Can he find Molly and bring the Green family back together again... all in time for Christmas?

WHY BOOKER T IS WAITING:  Mom has promised me that come December, she will take a break from some of her spooky, horror reads and try to adopt a little Christmas cheer.  I know she has a few titles lined up featuring us pups and I think this would be a great addition for her.  Plus, I love Christmas and can't wait to see what magic Bertie can work on her new family.

August 2017

DESCRIPTION: The start of a hilarious new cozy mystery series features a woman who is a talent agent for show biz animalsand discovers that she has a talent herself: solving crimes. Kay Powell wants to find that break-out client who will become a star. And she thinks she’s found him: His name is Bruno, and he has to be walked three times a day. Bruno’s humans, Trent and Louise, butt in a lot and Les McMaster, the famous director now mounting a revival of Annie, might not hire Bruno just because he can’t stand Trent in particular. That becomes less of an issue when Trent is discovered face down in Bruno’s water dish. With a kitchen knife in his back. Laugh-out-loud funny, this series debut is a delight. 
WHY CASSIUS IS WAITING:  This sounds like a fun mystery and I like finding things and I REALLY like dog dishes so to me, this is a no-brainer.  Plus, let it go on record that this time around I did not let Booker T influence my choice at all!  
So are you guys waiting on anything fun this week??? 


  1. Bertie is utterly adorable and a laugh out loud mystery? VERY COOL! *wants* Here's mine:

  2. Great choices guys! I have heard that E. J. Cooperman is good author but not had a chance to try one of her books, though I do believe I have one on my audibles pile..sighs. That one looks really good. Hope you enjoy them both! :)

  3. You guys always manage to find the best books with dogs, how do you do that??

  4. Great choices! I swear I would read Dog Dish of Doom for the brilliant title alone :)

  5. I love the sound of these - especially the Bertie book which is perfect for this time of year.
    Lynn :D

  6. Oh these sound like great books! Berties Gift has such a great cover and it makes me wonder if it's told from the dog their point of view, either way it sounds like the dog will play a big part.
    And that second one sounds like a win too, I enjoy cozy mysteries with pets in them.

  7. oh those look good! I cannot resist a book with a beagle on the cover!!

  8. I need more dog books in my life. For some reason, all the ones I've read have turned out to be depressing sob-fests, but these look to be uplifting, especially Bertie's Gift.

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

  9. I adore beagles! There is just something so cute about them. Of course Auntie Chuckles prefers dogs to cats any day...I hope you guys can persuade your mum to treat you to a book each! You guys deserve a booky treat!

  10. Oh, such CUUUUTE picks, boys!! I especially like the Christmas book, as Christmas is my FAVORITE holiday!! This beautiful season is really the BEST time of the year, with everyone planning what goodies to give friends and relatives (yes, kiddies, Santa DOES help!), and all the lovely decorations! And, of course, it's the birthday of the most important person in the universe, for those of us who celebrate the holiday!

    So I'm definitely adding "Bertie's Gift" to my Goodreads shelves!! I don't know about the other book yet, but I promise to check it out!! Thanks, Booker T. and Cassius!! WOOF, WOOF!!!

    And I'd like to thank your mommy, Barb, for visiting my blog and commenting on my own WOW!! Sorry for the late comment back.... Hope y'all are having a nice Saturday!! <3 :)

  11. Great picks! I haven't read enough books about dogs. I just saw a movie preview for A Dog's Purpose and I found out it's a book. I'm sure you've heard of it, but I really want to read that one. Not gonna lie, the movie trailer made me tear up. haha!

    1. Angel, I own it and the book after it. However, I know they will be both happy and sad so I've put off reading them. I actually grabbed them fairly cheap on Book Outlet. The movie looks awesome and I know I will have to read the book before I see it!