Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Waiting on Wednesday (77)

"Waiting on" Wednesday" is weekly meme hosted over at Breaking the Spine which spotlights upcoming anticipated releases. 

January 3, 2016

FROM GOODREADS: Welcome to Gideon Davorin’s Traveling Sideshow, where necromancy, magical visions, and pyrokinesis are more than just part of the act…

Mara has always longed for a normal life in a normal town where no one has the ability to levitate or predict the future. Instead, she roams from place to place, cleaning the tiger cage while her friends perform supernatural feats every night.

When the struggling sideshow is miraculously offered the money they need if they set up camp in Caudry, Louisiana, Mara meets local-boy Gabe…and a normal life has never been more appealing.

But before long, performers begin disappearing and bodes are found mauled by an invisible beast. Mara realizes that there’s a sinister presence lurking in the town with its sights set on getting rid of the sideshow freeks. In order to unravel the truth before the attacker kills everyone Mara holds dear, she has seven days to take control of a power she didn’t know she was capable of—one that could change her future forever.

WHY I'M WAITING:  First of all, I think the cover is gorgeous.  Also, I've really been drawn to circus themed books since I fell in love with Rachel Vincent's "The Menagerie" and since I've been waiting FOREVER for the next one in  that series to come out, maybe this will help me survive a tad longer. 




  1. The cover is indeed gorgeous, as it the blurb -- a circus! And, Mara certainly is an intriguing mystery herself. Here's mine:

  2. Not a huge circus themed person as i never even finished Night Circus, but this sounds interesting, so it's going on my list. :)


  3. I love circus themed stories too, although I wasn't that impressed by the Amanda Hocking book I read a few years ago, so not sure I'll pick this up. But wow, that cover is cool!

  4. I agree the cover is interesting for sure. I'm hit or miss on the whole circus thing but I hope you enjoy it! My WoW

  5. Oh great pick! Freeks sounds fantastic. I can't wait to read it as well. The cover is really gorgeous.

  6. AWESOME choice, Barb!! I've been meaning to read an Amanda Hocking book for the looooongest time! This one looks GREAT!!

    And OMG, I also own "The Menagerie", and haven't read I wish I owned Hermione Granger's Time Turner (the real one, of course, and not a toy), so I could get to all the books I want to read!!

    Since I'm working on being more optimistic about my reading, I'm adding this one to my Goodreads shelves! Lol.

    Thanks for dropping by and commenting on my own WOW post!! <3 :)

  7. I've not read many circus-themed books, but I really like the sounds of this one and agree with you that the cover is amazing!

  8. This sounds pretty good and I love the cover!

  9. I love the cover too! And it's good to hear I'm not the only one drawn to circus themed books, but this seems a little different from the usual ones that catch my eye :)

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

  10. That is indeed a gorgeous cover! Sounds like a very unique storyline too. Look forward to your review once you've read it!

  11. I do love a good circus book. This one is new to me. I hope you love it once you get a chance to read it!

  12. The cover is gorgeous indeed! It looks like it will be a good one for when you're in the mood for a circus themed read. I haven't read Menagerie yet, but I do own a copy.