Friday, October 28, 2016

Weekly Reads (10/29/16)

Man this week has been a killer.  I feel like I've ran all weekend.  I'm hoping I can slow down soon but honestly, I'm not sure.  I have to visit Grandpa tomorrow and then tomorrow evening is Trick-or-Treat.  Even though we aren't taking anyone, we will sit outside during that time and hand out candy. I also have been trying to winterize our house some and prepare for the colder temps - keeping my fingers crossed for a mild winter - ha!

We managed to watch one scary movie this week - Lights Out.  It was actually pretty good and I even jumped in a few parts.  The way it was made and the creepy figure in it kind of reminded me of the Japanese horror movies like The Ring and The Grudge.  Definitely not a bad rental/stream.

Here are some pics of our Halloween decorations.  Some years we go more out than others.  I did carve the two pumpkins Wednesday night and husband made pumpkin seeds.  I will try to catch some photos of them lit this weekend.  It's the first year I did a pawprint and I'm thrilled with it.  I can see it being a yearly tradition!

I only have two books I plan on reading this week.  Hopefully I will get to a third but one is really long so I'm trying to be realistic.  It's a Tag Team read with my friend Stormi.

So what are your Halloween/weekend plans?  


  1. Loving your decorations! And those books look creepy good. Both are new for me and that's always a good thing:)

  2. We'll be carving up the pumpkins and putting out the decorations this weekend. I love that paw print jack o lantern!

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

  3. Those are some cool decorations and the paw print is awesome! Maybe I should start on Moon Chosen if it's long I haven't even :)


  4. This weekend will be a quiet TV and books dad and uncle are going to the dog racing tonight so I need to find something to keep me occupied until he gets home. I don't bother with any of the holidays and Halloween isn't a big thing where I live. On average we get one knock at the door all night, sometimes none at all. Nice decorations! I'm not sure my furry pumpkin Dave will approve!