Monday, January 29, 2024

Claustrophobia Anyone?


TITLE: The Devil Came Down the Mountain
AUTHOR: Christopher Bond
PUBLISHER: Horrorsmith Publishing
PUBLISHING DATE: January 30, 2024
PAGES: 195   

FROM GOODREADS: For almost a hundred years, locals have proclaimed a portion of the Uinta Mountains in Utah to be cursed. They call the area the Murmuring Caves, the site of the historic Yangguang Massacre, where distortions and reverberations beneath the earth's surface create something very akin to human voices. 
And if you listen long might just hear the dead... 
Josh Bridges, an experienced dark tourist, has finally convinced his three best friends to accompany him in search of the Murmuring Caves. But they only agreed because of the tragedy Josh just lived through, which seems to have broken him. They'd do anything for their friend...even descend into darkness. 
But when they call out for help, what answers them might not be safe. It might not even be alive.

MY THOUGHTS: Let me start by saying if you are claustrophobic in any significant way, this book will definitely have you feeling closed in and trapped.  But if you love horror and atmospheric reads, that's a good thing, right?

A personal tragedy prompts Josh to returned to his hometown ten years after graduating high school.  He is reunited with his three best friends and convinces them to join him on a trip to Utah to visit the Murmuring Caves, the site of the infamous Yangguang Massacre.  John loves to participate in "dark tourism," visiting locations where mass deaths and other tragedies have occurred.  His friends are hesitant, each for their own reasons, but they want to be supportive, so they agree to go.  What starts out as a cautious but fun trip turns into a fight for survival and leaves them questioning their own sanity.

This novel was so much fun and I'm glad I picked it up. Bond does a wonderful job at creating a foreboding atmosphere and weaves in an historical/urban legend aspect that totally captivates the reader. I also really enjoyed the friendship bond and find myself automatically drawn to the book featuring reuniting friendship groups.  This book had several twists and turns and at least one of the reveals completely blindsided me.  In addition, the ending is one that simply must be experienced for someone to fully feel the impact of what the author has created.  

I think this book benefited from being on the shorter side because it manages to keep the reader's interest without becoming repetitive or slow.  I will definitely be on the lookout for more from this author and I highly recommend The Devil Came Down the Mountain to any horror lover.



  1. This sounds good! And I could totally see a movie made from it, I'd go see that!

  2. It's got caves and it's set in Utah? I'm in! I love the sound of this one. Especially because I don't often find books to read set in the state where I'm from. :D

  3. Wow this sounds really good. I've read quite a few "character revisits their hometown after a tragedy occurs and reunites with old friends" stories, so I'm sure this will work for me.