Monday, July 22, 2019

So I Basically Read It Because of Jughead...(Riverdale 2 Review)

TITLE: Get Out of Town (Riverdale #2)
AUTHOR: Micol Ostow
PUBLISHER: Scholastic, Inc.

FROM GOODREADS: When Archie, Betty, Veronica and Jughead take a road trip, they discover that their small-town problems seem to follow them wherever they go. 

Archie's on trial for murder, and the evidence is stacked against him. Betty, Veronica, and Jughead all know that Archie is being framed by Hiram Lodge, but how can they prove it? 

The gang comes up with a last-ditch plan to prove Archie's innocence: They have to go back to the scene of the crime. They have to go back to Shadow Lake. 

MY THOUGHTS: So I've made it no secret that "Riverdale" is a guilty pleasure of mine.  So far I've watched all three seasons of the TV show and even though each one gets more and more ridiculous, I just keep on watching. And then there's the whole issue that I basically feel like a cougar because Jughead is absolutely my favorite character and the kind of guy I wished my high school boyfriend had been but that's probably a post of a different nature.

So "Get Out of Town" is set during the summer between seasons 2 and 3 of the TV show.  Archie is on trial for murder and even though everyone knows Veronica's dad is setting him up, knowing and proving are two different things.  So the gangs ends up heading back to the scene of the crime, the Lodge family cabin, to see if they can find some evidence to exonerate Archie.  But will they save their bestie or end up knee-deep in more trouble.

This book is pretty much a fun, quick read.  It has tons of pop culture references and because of watching the show, the characters are so real and lifelike.  I have to say that you need to have watched at least up through Season 2 in order for this book to make sense.  The Black Hood is referenced numerous times and reader can see the beginnings of Seasons 3 Gargoyles & Griffins game taking hold of the community.  Despite knowing how the trial plays out, I still enjoyed reading "Get Out of Town."  Also, it's told in epistolary format and includes texts, diary entries and articles which make it an even faster read.

So you won't find any life changing information in this novel but if you are looking for a fun, light read, AND you're a Riverdale junkie like me, then it's definitely one you're going to want to check out.


COYER CHALLENGE UPDATE: A book that takes place during the summer.


  1. i remember reading all their comics when i was younger. glad you enjoyed it
    sherry @ fundinmental

    1. I've read a few but the new stuff is so much darker...but fun.

  2. Summer is the perfect time of year for fun light-hearted reads!

  3. A fun quick read sounds good although not for me as I'm not familiar with any of this at all so wouldn't have that connection.
    Lynn :D

    1. Yea you almost definitely have to have watched the show or you'd be really lost.

  4. I loved the comics when I was young. I don't know if I would like the show because you are not the first person to describe it as a guilty pleasure or ridiculous!