Friday, August 23, 2019

Cassius Reviews Atomic Frenchie Vol. 2

Seems like Dogs Days of Summer is still going strong.  Today Cassius joins us for a review of a book which would be enjoyed by young or old alike!

TITLE: Atomic Frenchie Vol. 2 - The Cow with the Nuclear Heart
AUTHORS: Tom Sniegoski and Tom McWeeney
PUBLISHER: Insight Kids

FROM GOODREADS: Kirby the French bulldog, OB the turtle, and the ghost of Erasmus J. Peckinpah embark on a road trip to the mysterious Area 51, hidden in the wastelands of the Nevada desert. Erasmus has convinced Kirby to help resurrect his cryogenically frozen body (which they've brought with them in the trunk of an old Cadillac Eldorado they're driving) by acquiring a nuclear heart currently inside the chest of a cow at the facility. 

On their journey, the gang encounters the angry spirit of an old prospector, a motorcycle gang with a grudge against French bulldogs, and last but not least, a full-fledged alien invasion! 

From New York Times best-selling author Tom Sniegoski and renowned comic artist Tom McWeeney comes the new and hilarious sequel to Atomic Frenchie, an original middle-grade graphic novel series about Kirby, the world’s most diabolical supervillain. 

CASS' THOUGHTS: This book was so much fun!  It was a combination of a graphic novel and narrative and if there's a word for that forgive me, I am a dog after all.  Anyway, that means it told a great story but I also got to see fun pics of Kirby, OB and Marie Claire, the cow.

So Kirby is basically trying to help Erasmus J. Peckinpah come back to life.  And to do that, they need Marie Claire's mechanical, nuclear heart.  The gang travels to Area 51 to find Marie Claire and complete the procedure.  Kirby doesn't mind helping Erasmus, but he really wants all of Erasmus' scientific plans and blueprints so he can take over the world.  The gang gets into all kinds of trouble, meets some bratty aliens and their mother, and recruits a intellectually-challenged biker.

I really liked Kirby even if I don't agree with his plans to take over the world.  I mean, not all humans are bad, right?  Mom says maybe the world should be run by a dog though so maybe she is on to something - she is Mom after all.  She also says Kirby reminds her a lot of my brother, Barkley.  I only knew Barkley for about 7 months but I totally agree he had the attitude and the smarts for world domination.  The other characters are fun and there is a great cliffhanger which means hopefully there will be a volume 3.  I was a tad worried about Marie Claire and how she would survive without her heart but don't worry, Kirby always has a plan.

I highly recommend you pick up this book. It's a quick read but substantial (look Mom, big word) enough to pack quite a tale.  Please please please be a volume 3.

And hey Mom, can I have a turtle?


COYER CHALLENGE UPDATE: Read a book with a number in the title.


  1. So, can Cass have a turtle?
    I agree - dogs would probably make a better job of running the world.
    Lynn :D

  2. Aww come on mom, get Cass a turtle! Lol. Great review๐Ÿ˜

    1. I'm gonna have to get him something. He's so lonely and when we walk he gets so excited to see other animals. He even wants to play with Noel, the neighbors cat!

  3. thanks for sharing. it looks like so much fun
    sherry @ fundinmental

    1. It was a blast. I highly recommend books 1 and 2!

  4. I love Cass's posts! They're always so much fun.

  5. Glad you enjoyed it Cass! Och the poor's so sad to think of him being lonely!

  6. This does sound fun! I love aliens. ๐Ÿ‘ฝ๐Ÿ’œ

    Thanks for sharing your review, Cass! ๐Ÿ‘✨